Congratulations to The New Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach!

   it is Indeed a Merry Merry Christmas 2015 Here in the Philippines, and I can't Help but to share my thoughts about the Controversial Recent Coronation of the Miss Universe 2015 held at Las Vegas, USA.

The Long Wait is Over for the Filipinos because after 42 years Pia Wurtzbach finally Bag the Crown! The successor of 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran. The 26 Years Old Filipina Beauty from Cagayan De Oro is an Actress, Model, and a Beauty & Lifestyle Writer at the Philippines, She Absolutely Nailed it During the Preliminaries, Swimsuit, Gown and The Question & Answer Portion of The Prestigious Pageant.

Comedian Host Steve Harvey Unintentionally Announced the Wrong Winner, Miss Colombia - Ariadna Gutierrez as The Miss Universe 2015, but after 4 Minutes He Came Back at the Stage and Apologized to the Audience Announcing The Miss Philippines as the Real Winner, of course this Immediately Created an Instant Buzz all over the World! This Horrible Mistake as Admitted by the Pageant Host has made a Mixed Reactions around the world especially to the Social Media, Some are Enraged and Some are Really Surprised and Happy by the Outcome of the Pageant..

But to be Fair to Miss Colombia - She is a Total Package of a Beautiful Woman, Her Statuesque, Her Charm, She was Humiliated in front of Thousands of people when The Crown was Removed in her Head and announcing her as the 1st Runner Up... But a Mistake is a Mistake maybe the Host didn't read Clearly the Final Card, It is Indeed Clear that Miss Philippines Exceled in all the Pageant Portion adding the Online Voting around the World..  Miss Philippines Exudes a Classy and Elegant Charm with a Humble attitude Towards the Coronation, A True Queen, Confidently Beautiful with a Heart as she said in the Final Q & A.

Miss USA -2nd Runner Up - Ms. Olivia Jordan is also a Stunner - I love her Bubbly Personality! she has this Beauty charm that anyone will surely love...

A Closeup shot of Pia...Look at that Magnetic Gaze...

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshot. Photo Credit:

Pia Wurtzbach during the Swimsuit Preliminaries. Photo Credit:

The Top 5...

Down to Top 3...

Pageant Host Apologizing to the Public after His wrong announcement of Winners...

The Confused & Surprised Pia during the Announcement....

That Very Awkward Moment During The Crowning....

Miss Universe 2014 - Paulina Vega Finally Passes the Crown to Pia...Photo Credit:

Congratulations Miss Philippines! Photo Credit:

Miss Universe 2015 during the Presscon...

First Time of the Miss Universe Pageant to announce a Wrong Winner but the good thing Steve Harvey Corrected it before the Live Telecast was Cut off!  Pia Wurtzbach missed Her "Unforgettable" Momentum during the Crowning, but the Nonetheless, Filipinos are Really Happy for this Victory, The New Miss Universe 2015 has a Message to her fans from her Instagram Account to Stop Fighting Over The Crowning Issues, so Let's Agree with that, Spread Love and Stop the Hate about her and Miss Colombia, For those the Haters, We Have to Move On and Accept the Reality, Miss Colombia is Right Because Everything Happens for a Reason. Again, Thank you Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

  Hi Everyone! How are you spending your Holidays this Vacation? Hope you had a great one!
we are all waiting this much needed holiday vacation with our loved ones, especially for those who have a full time job like me, this is a perfect time to bond with your family, and to meet some members of the family that you didn't seen for a long time...Usually Christmas Holidays in the Philippines starts at the December 24th to January 1st (New Year Time)

Holiday Vacation are Best Spent While:

1. Watching a Movie Marathon with the Whole Family

2. Singing Videoke Music with your Family and Friends

3. Strolling at the Park or at the Mall

4. Reading Interesting Books

5. Other Interesting Activities for you and your family

6. Food Trips & Making Unique Recipes!

Share your Holiday Activities, Comment it down Below! I would love to hear it!

Merry Christmas and Have a Prosperous New Year to All of you!

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My Kango Express Shipping Experience!

  For the Sake of Convenience, I Opt to shop Online. I am not a gross shopaholic that just buy and buy anything that i want (I'm not that rich haha!) but what I'm buying is some essentials that me or my family might use in the future, and for the items that is hard to find in the Philippines, Shopping Online is the Best Option for me, so when I learned about Kango Express Shipping Service, I felt a quick agitation!

  Just Recently I Used the Kango Shipping Service for the Items that I Bought from Amazon, Etsy and Some Online Stores in the U.S. I Let my Officemates to order too and Have it Shipped from the U.S. Address that Kango Express assigned to me during the Registration, We Had an Easy-Peasy Transaction!

So Here are the Steps:

1. Register First at Kango Express and Fill Up the Important Information (I Chose the Consolidation Service for Shipping which is Much affordable according to the Kango Customer Service)

Kango Express will Give you your Exclusive U.S. and U.K. Address

2. Shop at Any U.S. or U.K Online Stores

3. Ship them at the Shipping Address with the Account No. that Kango Express Assigned to you.

4. Wait for the Items to Arrive at Kango Express Warehouse.

5. You Will Receive a Notification if your Items arrived at the Kango Express warehouse

6. Once Arrived, Just Pay for the Shipping fee and They can Readily Ship it right at your Doorsteps for Just a Minimum of 4-5 days!

7. Their Method of Shipping is Via Air.

My Orders Had Arrived! Just Be sure to enter the Amount Values of your Items, They also Resize my Packages for a more cost saving shipment.

Their Notification mail for you when your package is ready for shipping
   The Shipping was Pretty Fast because They Shipped it on November 27, 2015 and Arrived at Our House Last December 2, 2015! that was a smooth & amazing Transaction;)

The package came with a well protected Cartons and Plastic...

My orders from U.S.! 

I Bought 2 Books, Photography Equipment (that is really Heavy), Photography Backdrops, My Officemate orders are 1 Ladies Watch and 2 Rubber/Basketball Shoes,  The Total Shipment is about $68 or P3,300 in Philippine Peso (Which I understand because I ordered a Lot!) and it all came right at our Home in a Perfect Condition, Just a Fast Shipping and a Nice Service!  I will definitely Use Kango Express Shipping again at my Next Online Puchase;)

Let Me Know your Thoughts and Share your Experience with Kango Express!

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Are You A Chocolate Lover?

   I Love Chocolates, I Really Do (hehe!) that's why I'm a Chubby Mommy! but seriously, I only ate chocolates when I'm PMS-ing or while having my Heavy Monthly Period and if i'm on a Busy activity the whole day. You Know any women can relate to this, that when you're having your period, you suddenly feel that you want to eat and munch as much as you want!
Blame it on our Changing Hormones;). I once heard at the Radio that Chocolates are not that really fattening, Only! If you eat it in Moderation...(aaww!)

Nature Republic - Robinson's Manila Branch is Now Open!

       Hello My Dear Readers! I've got some great buzz for you! Another Branch of Well-known Beauty & Skincare Korean Product - Nature Republic is Now Ready to Serve you at Robinson's Manila Branch!

Taking Gifting to the Next Level!

  I always Love the Spirit of Christmas, it gives me a feeling of hope and happiness, I had many happy flashbacks from my childhood how me and my family are celebrating the most awaited Christmas season every year, the vivid memories like Christmas caroling with my childhood friends, wrapping gifts, Sumptous  Noche Buena feast while gathering with the whole clan and even waiting for Santa Claus to arrive and excitedly hope for his magical gift! i wish everyone had these delightful moments in their lives may it be rich or poor because for me Christmas is all about Love and Joy! your love for your family, friends, yourself and for other less fortunate people and of course the Joy of Giving!

Wellmanson's - A Heaven for Accessories Lovers!

     Are you Fond of Wearing Accessories to Spice up your OOTD's and to Complement your Overall look? well if you agree then this Post is written for you!

Hubby and I went to Villalobos St. Quiapo, Manila (near Quiapo Church) last month and everytime I go in this place, I never forget to pass by in the area where you can Find a lot of Affordable Fashion Accessories Store especially Wellmanson's - It's a One stop shop store where you can find a Lot of Bling Blings, Trinkets, Fashion Accessories,embellishments, Beads for Jewelry Makers and Whatnots.

 I Discovered Wellmanson's when i got hooked at Jewelry and making Beaderies 3 Year ago, That's My weird Habit, when I am Interested in a Certain Craft I get really addicted to it and then suddenly it subsides when i feel I already mastered a thing and then i get to find another Recreational Activity that will spark my interest but anyhow I still love beading and if my Busy time permits, I'd love to make a set of cute jewelries again!

 There's a Lot of Designs to Choose from that will cater everyone's taste from little Girls to older women, even Men can pick up their thing because I've seen some Interesting Bracelets for males there.

  You may check these Photos to give you a pinch of Info if you're Planning to Stop by at Wellmanson's Soon:

Kango Express Philippines Launch!

   Do You Love Online Shopping Abroad? especially in U.S. & U.K online stores? Think, Gap,, Ulta to name a few, if you're answer is Yes, then Rejoice Because Kango Express is now here in the Philippines!

What is Kango Express?

Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world.

Kango Express, based in the United States, is the newest package forwarding company to open its doors in the Philippines, and provide Filipino consumers the opportunity to buy goods online and have their packages delivered straight to their home or office.

Kango Express offers this exciting shopping and shipping alternative to make the Pinoy’s buying experience with U.S. or U.K. online stores more convenient and more affordable. Pinoys’ no longer have to rely on relatives or family members to buy and ship their accessories, gadgets, clothes or home d├ęcor for them Kango Express is there to help them Shop, Ship and Save.

Last October 28, 2015 I was Invited by Ms. Len, Project Coordinator of Kango Express to Join it's Official Launch at the Society Lounge, Atrium Makati, with the theme, “Happify your shop and ship experience with Kango Express!” it was a Night of Fun Filled Launch event! To Give you the Glimpse of the Launch, Here are some of the Photos:

Kango Express Official Launch in the Philippines!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone!

  We are in the Mid-Month of October and Halloween Season is Fast Approaching, Are you Planning to Go to a Halloween Party with your Children? if Yes, then Check this Halloween Costume Ideas from! you can choose from a wide variety of Cartoon Themed & Movie Characters wardrobe for this Coming Halloween Party, There's one for Infants, Boys, Girls and Even Adults can choose which outfit they want to Portray On, Be a Star of the Party, Here are some of their Costume Ideas:

A HeartfeltThank You!

Hello!!! How are you my Dear Readers? I Terribly Miss writing a Blog Post because I am so Busy from the Past few days and I even have a lot of Backlog Post! Anyhow, I want to take this Time and this Opportunity to thank you Guys who take Time to Read my New Blog and even Nominate it To the Bloggys 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards - A BIG Thank you to all of you from the Bottom of my Heart! i Thought I'm the Only one who nominate my own Blog because I didn't even Promote my Blog for Nomination, then the Other day, I Have Received an email Notification from Bloggys Organizer that My Blog has been Nominated for Personal/Diary Category, I Have just started Blogging Early this Year and I didn't Really expect to be Included in the 2015 Bloggys Hall of Fame List,  So this Time, You can Vote for me at Bloggys

Here's the Steps:

1. If you are a Filipino Citizen, Then you can vote for me!

2. Vote through this Link Here . you can find the name of my Blog at page.

3. Check the Box beside my Blog name

4. You can only Vote Once every Category.

5. Once submitted your vote is now counted.

6. Voting Period is Until October 31, 2015.

Thank you and expect that I will be writing more meaningful Post for you in the Future... Just Tune in!

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Beauty Event: The BDJ Box Social: Global Glam 2015!

Every Woman is Special and when you said special, what comes in my mind is the word "Pampered", "Important", "Loved", this is what i felt when i attended my very first BDJ Box Social Global Glam event held at Glorietta Activity Center Last September 13, it is a Beauty Event for Women wherein you can Learn a Lot about Beauty Stuff that will give you Knowledge and Be Aware of your Beauty Habits, and since it's my first time to join this event, i was really amazed and Happy when i saw a lot of Booths for Lucky Bellas to join and avail of makeup and skincare promos and Most Important is the 2 Beauty Talks that i Attended to (I chose the Get in the Know with BDJ Box Beauty Ministry & Get the Look of Love with Revlon Talks) before you can attend, you must Pre-Register First beforehand the Activity at I Love BDJ Website it's Free to Register and there are Two Talks to choose from whatever you like.

My New Eyeglass from Quiapo!

One of my Favorite Places in Manila is Quiapo.. why? simply because I get to see a lot of Unique Merchandise and also i rarely visit the historical Quiapo church. so last month i ask my hubby to accompany me to Paterno St. at Quiapo because i wanted to have a New Eyeglass, for those who do not know about Paterno St. it's a Place where you can check a lot as in A LOT of Eyeglasses, sunglasses, Lenses, Contact Lens Solutions etc. everything about your Eye Accessories will Probably seen here for a very Affordable Price! I've been to Quiapo for many times but it was my first time to check and purchase a Glasses here...Paterno St. is Literally Packed with Eyeglass Stores everywhere, They Sell Branded to Class A Products, You can choose if you want to go to an Airconditioned store or not, it's up to you! but I think you can get Better Quality glasses to the airconditioned one. i did not raid a lot of stores as because it's Pretty Hot when we arrive, it was a Saturday Noon and there's a Lot of Buyers at that time...

before we got here, i already researched on the net what eyeglass store should i check and i picked the RESHMA Store - it's not an airconditioned one, but i'm not after the Brand, Class A Glasses is OK for me as long as the Glasses would give a comfort that my eye needs...     

I Picked this Class A Maroon-Red, Plastic Cat-eye Frame with Multicoated Lens that i can use Outdoors for PHP 1,700.00 pesos, They Have my Eye Grade Checked to their Nearby Partner store with no Extra Charge, you just have to wait for at least 1 Hour for them to Prepare your Order..

Me while wearing the Glasses, I'm Using it for about a Month Now.. and i think It's Good you just have to care for it.

So What Do you Think about my new Eyeglasses? Did I Scored a Great Deal? Comment down Below, I would love to hear it from you;)

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Arquin's Buwan ng Wika School Event!

   Last August 28, 2015, I attended my Son's Buwan ng Wika Celebration School Activity, it was a Fun and Educational event that every student and Parents should not miss, it was my Son's First Time to wear a Filipino Native Outfit so it feels kinda weird to him and  he even had a Tantrums that day! so to console him, I promised to buy him a Toy as his reward for attending & participating in their school activity... i was entertained when i saw his classmates wearing national filipino outfits, so cute, it was an unforgettable moment!

Bloggys 2015 - Philippine Blogging Awards

 I'm a Regular Blog Reader and i always Love to read about  Lifestyle, Parenting and Beauty Articles, so when i Heard about Bloggys 2015, I Felt an excitement right away! because I feel that this is a most awaited event for especially for the best Bloggers in Town!

  If you're a Filipino &  Love Reading Different Kind of Blogs, Well Now's the Time to Nominate for your Favorite Blog, It's Time for Filipino Bloggers to shine!, I Believe Filipino Bloggers has Special Talent in Writing... you can nominate your own or someone else's blog. I Know I have read Parenting & Beauty Blogs most of the time and I'm Excited to nominate for them! For Those who don't Have an Idea about Bloggys 2015, It's a Prestigious Philippine Blogging Awards Looking for the Top and Finest Bloggers Nationwide from Luzon to Mindanao! Isn't that amazing? I Believe the Bloggys Award had just started only this year, they are searching for the Top Bloggers in Town who writes in Different Niches, Be it Fashion, Food, Parenting, Beauty, Technology etc.

It's just so Frustrating because I have many Favorite Bloggers who writes well and Gives a Nice Articles & Information to their Readers but I only have to choose one! Oh my Goodness, But nevertheless I am excited about this event, It seems that it will be a Regular Event for the next coming years and I'm Happy about it. There will be a Ticket Reservations for those Fellow Bloggers who want to attend and be a part of witnessing this Grand Event for Filipino Bloggers! So What are you waiting for? Nominate Now!

For Details Please Check page and check the Nomination Process Here, Take part of this Activity and Vote for your Favorite Blog. Nomination is Currently up until September 1-30, 2015!

You may Nominate a Blog Here

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Arquin's Favorite Cartoon Educational TV Shows!

   As much as i wanted to, i don't want my Youngest child - Arquin who is a Four years old in Nursery learning stage to spend his day just by watching cartoons because as all we know, too much watching of television is not healthy for children, but when my hubby called our local cable provider to add another channel, i said Whaaat? but before we started to argue he said that it was an educational cartoon program for Little Children, so i said Let's see what will be the outcome...

as the weeks passes by i noticed a gradual improvement on my Son's English speaking skills, he may not spoken the straight English conversation but i was amazed when he started to speak some of the common English sentences like "i got it!" - well it's normal for me to be puzzled because i was not really teaching him complex English language regularly and i normally leave him weekdays with his Lola who used to speak a native language at our Home so i'm quite impressed, and lately i noticed that he also learns the basic shapes, Basic numbers and some easy logical learning for preschoolers... so to share to you what's this educational TV shows for children, you may check these Channels:

Review: Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant Stick

One of the Important essentials to my Personal Care is the Deodorant, I Have been Searching for the Right Deodorant for a Long Time... and I think I Finally Found One!

The Factors i am considering when Looking for Deos is that is has to Protect me from Stinky Odor all day despite of any light or Heavy activities that i am doing, Second - it has to be Gentle on my Skin because i have tried other Deos before that made my pits to really darken...because of the harsh chemical ingredients that it have. So Now I am Glad to Introduce to you the ALOE EVER SHIELD DEODORANT STICK from Forever Living!

The Metro Wide Earthquake Drill!!!

 The Big One, The Massive Earthquake in Manila, you probably heard or read about this warning from News Stations and from Local Governments spreading the informations to start preparing for the feared Magnitude 7.2 earthquake that might happen not only in Manila but in Nearby areas such as Muntinlupa, Quezon City, etc. it could happen anytime according to the authorities, we never know, Earthquake is deemed unpredictable but anyone can prepare.

it is said that West Valley Fault movement is due for its movement and the feared earthquake may strike any time.

Just Imagining its aftermath is already a horror in my mind just like what happened in Nepal's Deadly Earthquake last April 2015 where many Precious lives are lost and many families suffered. it is true we cannot control it because it was an act of nature, a natural disaster so aside from Praying to God it is everyone's responsibility to prepare for this serious matter. The Local Authorities has Informed People to Have a Survival Kit wherein it contains such essentials that we will need in times of disaster like water, ready made food, extra clothing etc., Have the Emergency Call Hotlines must be at reach anytime.

July is a Nutrition Month!

   July is here again... I must be excited because it's my Birth Month, but other than that I'm excited to write about the importance of Nutrition Promotion this Month. The 2015 Philippine Nutrition Month campaign, “Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo,” (Correct weight through right nutrition and exercise) aims to make people aware about how they can prevent Obesity. This will be done by providing them with adequate information. Most People Nowadays Lives in a Sedentary Lifestyle which is too bad! & the Foods - ugh, It's yummy but not healthy anymore, it's really a matter of choices and decisions when you really want a Healthy Lifestyle.

Amazon Canada Haul!!!!!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to advertise Amazon Canada's Website, All statements was based on my own & honest opinion.

I am always been a Fan of Online Shopping simply because I find Great Deals that i couldn't get at the local Department stores, the comfort while waiting my purchases to arrive at home & most of all the i did save my precious time! Recently I Had Ordered some Items that i Spotted at Amazon Canada Website and because I have siblings who resides there so the shipping Address was not a Problem for me, My purchases was really a Girly Items since i love Makeup Brushes!

#FGR15 at Singapore

   There's a saying that "Once an opportunity has passed, it cannot be caught"... when my sister introduced me to her networking business two years ago, i'm a little bit skeptical, simply because i do not have an idea about MLM marketing or Networking business Blah, but having an open mind attitude i know that she will not offer me a thing that will give me harm in any means, i have known her as a Goal setter person that's why she didn't had a hard time suggesting me to join her business..

I have known Forever Living quite sometime now as a Leader in Producing Aloe Vera Based Health & Skincare Products and for 37 years that it has been around in the Health & Wellness Industry, I wonder why didn't anyone offered me this business before? I just wish i started this business when i was still 20 years old or 25! (huh, now you have an idea about my age ;)  but i still believe that it's better late than never... why am i saying this? because i just discovered that Forever Living Business offers a lot of amazing perks more than any other networking company can offer & the Aloe Vera Products are really Exceptional!

Achieve that Perfect Glow with A Healthy Skin!

    Healthy Glowing Skin is always Attractive, and who wouldn't want that? with all the Stress, Pollution,  Pressures in our Daily Lives and Harmful Sun Rays will surely taken it's Toll in our Skin wether we like it or not, these Factors may Lead to Skin Aging, Skin Problems that will make us look Old, Sluggish and Tired. Makeup Alone Cannot Cover these Dilemma, so to overcome that or at least Minimize the Effect of these Skin Disasters, I would love to share My Personal Skin Care Armor Tips for a Healthy Glowing Skin!

Shopping at Bugis Street, SG

   Hello There!!! Me and my Sisters Recently had a Trip to Singapore for a Business Meeting Purposes, but at least We find Time to Roam around to some cities of Singapore and i can say the Place was Fantastic, It's Clean, the Transportation System is Organized (I got to escape the long hours of Traffic in Manila Temporarily hehe), and of Course we make sure that we don't miss a chance to Shop at SG's Bugis Street!

13 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

   Our Mother who is a Very Special Person Close to our Hearts, The one who Brought us in this world and Cared for us with Affection since we were just a Baby until we reached our Legal age..., She's the One who is always there for us through ups and downs of our life..., The One who is always Brutally Honest but still give her unconditional LOVE.....

 Mother's Day is just around the Corner this coming MAY 10,  and I always look forward for this Special Celebration every year, I Love how this Special Day Give's my Mom a Genuine Smile, Happiness and Brighten her Mood, So I Made my Personal List of Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Help you out Guys for Gift Giving Ideas for your Loving Moms!

Summer Activities for Kids!

The Bliss of Vacation...Why not make it more Fun and Useful with your Kids? Here in the Philippines, Students are in Vacation mode right now and to make it more significant, Our Children must Spend it with Learnings while they are Enjoying their Summer Break.

Summer need not to be Boring but Instead Make it a Productive one and  and Let your Children Shine!

Image Source:

Here are some suggested Summer Activities for Kids:

1. Workshop

    There are numerous workshop offerings for children ages 7 to 12 years old like Baking, Art, Sports and Educational Activities, Companies Like Nestle offer The Milo Sportsclinic, Jollibee for Summer Camp, McDonalds Kiddie Crew Workshop, your child will surely Learn Positive Traits as well as Acquiring new Skills!

2. Teach them to Learn a Household Chore

    For GirlsParents can Teach them to Wash the Plates as early as age 7, Just guide them to be careful and For Boys,Try to Learn the right way of Sweeping and Mopping the Floors, in this Chores they will learn about being Responsible, you may reward them if you wish as this may motivate them to do more.

3. Attend Church Activities

This may be Optional depending on your Religion, but for Catholics your Kids can join the Church Choir Group or other Bible Studies that your Local Church can offer.

4. Read

  Vacation is the Best Time for them to encourage Reading, there are many Benefits of Reading as what i posted here. Let them Choose what Genre they are interested in or Read Magazines and other Educational materials.

5.  Organize Room and their Personal Things 

Teach them to fix their Beddings and Room upon waking up as well as Organizing their Personal things, It's Nice to see them Tidy than Looking like a Chaos.

6. Learn a Craft or Have a Hobby

There are Many Craft to Choose from: be it Photography, Cross Stitching, Quilting, Origami, Playing a Musical Instrument and the likes, let them Discover their Inner Talent and Hone their Skills!

So That's it! These Simple Activities will surely be a Useful moment for your Kids, Let me Know if you have other Suggestions, Comment Down Below!

Have a Great Day Ahead!!!

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Visita Iglesia 2015

  Hellooo!!! How did you spend the Long Holiday? I hope that some of you really enjoyed it and of course, I bet you had your most awaited "relaxing moment" whether it is a Holiday Bonding with your family or just pampering yourself to rest from the stress related work, As for me I Spent my Holiday with my Family and I'm Fine with that, Last Maundy Thursday, we decided to do The Seven Churches Visitation Popularly known as "Visita Iglesia" for the Roman Catholics (in the Philippines) like me, It was my first time to Participate in this kind of activity since i always spent the Holy week only in our house in the Past years, I said to myself, why not? this is an Opportunity to Grab on because everybody else in the family of ours would like to join to this activity but due to the Vehicle Limitation constraints, only a few Representatives of the family are allowed because I had a big family you know ;)

Holy Week Reminders

Hey There, I Hope I'm not too late for this Post, Anyways Guys It's Holy week now and today is Holy Wednesday, Let us Observe a Peaceful and Meaningful Lenten Season, some of you will have your most awaited long vacation and some will decide to have their "Staycation" at the House, other Hardworking Pals will have to spend their Holy week at the office especially to the hardworking call center agents there, who is required to report for word even on the Holidays, whatever it is, Please Keep these Reminders for you to Spend a Peaceful and Safe Holy Week..

Believe in Yourself

    When i was a Kid, i remember that i was extremely shy when i am interacting with other people, maybe my mom who raised us at that time is at the adjustment mode because my father had just died from an accident few years ago, that's why she didn't take time to motivate me to mingle around, i have no bad feelings about my mother, instead i love her so much more now... i was a very understanding child then... my mom had a high expectations from me on academic and socializing aspect, and i think i disappointed my mother for not being a "smart" and "sociable" child just like her when she was just a student in their province wherein she got the valedictorian award in their elementary class and i am proud of her achievements but what the heck, i cannot push myself  to be as smart like her and worst, my timid personality continued until my high school days,

How to be a Good Parent?

           What makes a Good Parent? is it the status of the person in the society or it can be Gauge through the Profession? The Educational Level? Probably not. I Realized that Being a Good Parent for me is the most Challenging Part in my Life, Me and my Husband are not Perfect either.

Want a Discount at Zalora? Use my Code!

 Who Doesn't want a Great Deal when you're shopping? of course we all want it! hehe, Have you tried Online Shopping at Zalora? They offer Fashion Pieces for Men and Women, and you can pick from Personal Care, Makeup, Shoes, Dresses and more... I  recently joined the ZALORA Brand Ambassador Program  that's why i can earn a commission whenever a new customer uses my code upon checkout, and it doesn't have an expiration, isn't that amazing? you can apply as a Zalora Ambassador too if you're Interested... just inquire at their hotline for more information.

Fire Prevention & Safety Tips for Home this Summer

  Okay, March is Here! It's Fun because it's the start of vacation for some but at the same time it always bring me worries, why? These past few weeks, we heard news Headlines here in the Philippines about Tragic Fire Incidents in some parts of Metro Manila that Cause Casualties, Property Damage and Emotional Trauma to our Countrymen and i Too, experienced that! Wayback 15 years ago when a house beside us Burned! OMG as in that was really scary! Imagine the Adrenaline Rush that me and my Family had in that Moment... good thing there's a firewall between our house that prevent the Fire from going to our House Wheew! and of course, The Powerful prayers of my Mom that save us from that Horrific Incident.

Updated!!! - My Top 10 Filipina Youtube Guru/Beauty Blogger

     I am a self confessed late bloomer you know, I didn't know how to put makeup on my face until we had a computer in our house and started to watch these ladies on Youtube videos, and I've been literally hooked! 

I was looking for a Basic Makeup Application Videos and i came across with their Beauty Videos, there are many Beauty Guru in Youtube now and  this List is my Personal Picks based on how often i check their channels and Beauty Blogs.

Aloe Vera - The Miracle Plant

   Are you Familiar with the Aloe Vera Plant? I'm sure you are! Today, I am going to share the Health benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera, I remember when i was in my younger age, i used to buy a sachet of Aloe Vera shampoo because i love how it smells and thickens my Hair just after using it for a few days, I've been a Fan of this Plant eversince! I am not a Doctor, but let me tell you that this plant works wonder to to Humans that's why it is called a "Miracle Plant" because of its Healing Properties. Aloe isn't a Medicine But it Cures! if you are going to use Aloe Vera for both Topical and Oral Applications, I always recommend to Consult your Doctor beforehand.

Window Shopping at SM Aura Premiere

   Just Recently, My Hubby and I went to Bonifacio Global City, Taguig to do some Important errands there, So i was surprised when i learned that We were going to the Building near SM Aura! so it means, I can hop in easily to this mall! I've been wanting to visit this Place since it's Opening Last 2013,  where Hollywood celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker graced when the mall opened to the Public, She also cut the ribbon for The SM Store, as well as being the endorser for their "Love to Shop" campaign. According to Wikipedia, The SM Aura name is derived from the two elements gold (which has the chemical symbol Au) and radium. According to SM Prime putting them together defines “luxury and elegance that emanates from within.” (nice name origin huh!)

  Well, SM Malls are Common and Famous Shopping mall in the Philippines where it has 50 branches Nationwide, and The SM Aura Branch i think is not an ordinary one...why? first it's situated in a Place where it is surrounded by High Rise Condominium Units and Business Building and Second the Mall Features environmental advantages, also provides a much needed green and communal space in Metro Manila’s dense cityscape.

February - It's a Love Month!

Oh yes it's February! there is always Exciting about this month that most of us are easily connected (you know what i mean) the Valentines Day!!! so start preparing now for what you can do or something that will touched the Hearts of your Loved Ones, aside from Giving Roses and Chocolates which is the "Usual" thing on the V-day, why don't you start thinking Creatively to Give Joy and Sweetness to your Parents, Friends, Wives, Spouses, Children or Special Someone, it doesn't have to be extravagant but a simple and meaningful one is much appreciated, it's not only for the Lover's out there but it's for everyone! 

Pope Francis Visit to the Philippines

Source: Abs-Cbn News

   The Philippines is very Blessed to be visited by Pope Francis, During his 5 day stay last January 15 to 19, we experienced his Holiness and "Malasakit" to us especially to the Taclobanons/Yolanda Survivors, I was Impressed how the Filipinos showed a Disciplined behavior and Care for the Pope, As we have seen a Huge amount of People who gathered and Waited at the Streets in Manila during his Motorcade just to have a short glance to the Pope (how lucky they are!) I think it was the same scenery when Pope John Paul II Visited the Philippines Last 1995, the Historic mass held at the Quirino Grandstand on Sunday, January 18, the MMDA claimed that the gathered crowd peaked at 6 million people! (that's how Filipinos show their Strong Faith to God!) and it surpassed the 4 Million record that Pope John Paul II attended at the same place during World Youth Day in 1995. But the most Important factor is the Pope's Message to us and Here are some of his Unforgettable Quotes:

The Benefits of Reading

Happy Monday! 

 As you all know, Metro Manila is on a Holiday Mode because of the 3 day Papal Visit this January, and here i am some kinda bored in our house, i cannot watch TV because my son loves to watch cartoons so i let him to do so, instead i resort to read my books that i haven't finished because i was a working mom, so the long holiday is a time for me to bond with my family or to rest whenever i want, wayback in my school days, i was fond of reading books and magazines, i'm not a bookworm that spends long hours of reading, but i just love to read whatever articles, magazines or books! so if you're wondering is there a Benefit of Reading? Here are some of the Facts:

How to Keep your New Year's Resolution

Hooray it's the year 2015!!! 

 Another year has passed, how many times you had promise yourself that every start of the year you will begin your fitness regimen, be more punctual etc., etc,. 

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So this time around, I want this year to have a Positive Impact and significant change in my Life if that's make any sense, cause I am Tired of the usual routine that i have been doing from the past year, so yeah, Here we go: 

Initial Post

Hello There!!!

    I Decided to make my own Blog to share thoughts about everyday living, being a mom, an employee, a friend and a wife, Life has so much to offer!