7 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Amazing In Photographs - Guest Post by Sania

We all want to look amazing and stunning in pictures, because obviously they are the
cornerstone of our precious memories. Be it your homecoming our farewell, we know that
you want to look gorgeous in the photographs too.

So, here are the ultimate seven makeup tips that will make you look amazing even in

My Fave Tapsilog in Town - Maty's!

  What's your Favorite Meal? I'm not really a picky person when it comes to eating, I can eat street foods, Veggies and Meat provided that it should be clean and I trusted the Cook hehe...when it comes to Veggies, I just do not like the Taste the "Ampalaya" or Bitter Gourd but other than that Anyone can treat me without having any worries if I'm going to like the food or not.

but there's this one Meal that i could eat over and over again...I guess you already know what it is....The Tapsilog Meal! but not just any Tapsilog, I'm referring to the Famous Tapsilog of Parañaque City, The Maty's Tapsilog! I discovered Maty's when they served as one of Food Concessionaire in our Company and after tasting their Meal, I'm definitely hooked!

 Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to any Meal. the shortened term "Tapsilog" for Tapa, Sinangag at Itlog is one of the "Pangmasa" meal here in the Philippines and I'm glad I came across with it...Delicious and Affordable Rolled into one! if you're living within Parañaque and Las Piñas, Perhaps you are Familiar with Maty's Tapsilog Eatery as they also serve other sumptous "log meals" like Bangsilog, Longsilog, Chicksilog, Pansit and so on... I believe they have several branches around Parañaque City so you won't have a hard time looking for them!

Here I took some Photos of Maty's Eatery:

Delicious and Affodable Meals!

Let's Go Shopping at Baclaran!

   Filipinos Loves Thrift shops because we love to save more Money, I Myself is always looking for the best deals and Promos and Bargains every now and then (it's my trademark hehe) So Last January (New Year's Day) Me and my Family go Shopping in one of the Place that Many Filipinos frequently visited over and over again... The Baclaran! aside from the Famous Divisoria, Baclaran has a lot of Best Deals perfect for Businessmen, Wholesalers, and Budget Driven Individuals, Those who are living in nearby areas such as Pasay, Las Piñas, Parañaque may find Baclaran as their Friendly Shopping Place.

Baclaran Thrift Market is located in the City of Parañaque near the famous Baclaran Church.

Product Review: Megan Firming Nose Pore Strips Review

  Hey February! Time is running as fast now and I need to review this Must try Product, it is called "Megan Firming Nose Pore Strips" I'm a Fan of Nose Pore Strips Product in any brand as long that it will do it's main Job - the removal of those pesky Blackheads and Whiteheads in my Nose! I have a super Oily skin that's why every 2 to 3 weeks, I need to do this "Blackhead Removal" routine to clean my skin around the Nose area and I'm so Glad I found this Product! (I Think it has two variants, I got this Pink Stuff, I forgot the other one.)

Congratulations to the New Miss Universe 2016 - Iris Mittenaere!

   The New Miss Universe is from France!!! After a tight competition with the rest of 86 Women around the Globe, This 24 year old Pretty Lady bring home the Crown! She is Iris Mittenaere! A French Model and a Beauty Queen, Currently studying Dentistry A Beauty and Brain rolled into one..

Photo Credits: http://www.msuniversepageant.org/

Miss Universe 2016 Fever is On!

10 more days from now, and we will ready to Welcome the New Miss Universe 2016! Are you excited? Me too! I'm not really a Die hard Beauty Pageant Fan but I'm excited that it's going to be held in Our Country, The Philippines.

Most of the Filipinos loved Beauty Pageants especially The Three Famous such as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. Traditions like this are part of the Filipino culture, we have Santacruzan, Flores de Mayo and Mutya and Binibini Contest held every year in different parts of the country I guess that's why Filipinos are deeply fond of this, Beauty Pageants gives Hope, Happiness and Inspiration for most of us.

So This Month is what we are waiting for, it is the 3rd time that the Philippines will be Hosting for Miss Universe (from the Previous years of 1974 and 1994).

The Candidates came from 85 different Countries to compete for the coveted Crown, and they are all Gorgeous!!! I Hope i could watch it Live! they have a hectic schedules for different event engagements, shoots and rehearsals for the Upcoming coronation, I hope they could cope with it.

Their Super Busy Schedules...
Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

I've seen the Photos of the Ladies  and I have my own Top 6 Bet now, they are (In Random Order)

Ms. KAZAKHSTAN - Darina Kulsitova
Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/

Ms. Venezuela - Mariam Habach
Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/

Ms. Philippines: Maxine Medina
Photo Credits: GMA News TV

Ms. Indonesia - Kezia Warouw
Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/

Ms. Netherlands: Zoey Ivory
Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/

Ms. Belgium:  Stephanie Geldhof
Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/

Who will follow the Steps of the Reigning Ms. Universe Queen Pia Wurtzbach?

Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilippinePageantry/

I Hope that Steve Harvey would not mess up the Announcement results this time.

Who's your Bet Guys? Comment it below, I would love to know !

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Our Laiya Coco Grove Experience!

  I seldom go to the Out of town activities unless i know that the place is appealing to me, so last year Me my Hubby and Son went into this Relaxing place called "Laiya Coco Grove Resort" located in Laiya Aplaya, San Juan Batangas, it was 2 hour drive from Las Piñas from where we reside, San Juan Batangas is a Place where it has many Resorts to choose from depending on your alloted budget, you can find an Affordable one.

To Give you a Glimpse of what the place looks like, here are the Photos:

The Resort Facade, with a wide Parking space for Guests...

Product Review: Human Nature Soothing Balm

 Being a Working Mom, Mother of 2 and a Wife is a very challenging Task, though I have my Mother in Law who's always there to help me taking care of my children while I'm away, at the end of the day all I wanted is to Relax and Hit the sack to replenish my energy from everyday errands...

Good Thing I came across with this Balm from Human Nature, named "Human Nature Soothing Balm" I get Intrigued by it but when I checked it's product description, I decided to give it a Try and I'm glad I did! even my Hubby Liked it!

MBHS New Year & 2nd Anniversary Mini-Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Happy New Year to All of You! Let's all start the Year 2017 with a Bang! Let's Face this year Full of Hope and Motivation to face the Challenges and Receive More Blessings from the Lord and Inspire other People to be the best they can...

   This Year Marks my Blog's 2nd Year Anniversary and I'm excited to Inform you guys that I am having my First ever Mini-Giveaway!!! Hooraayy!! This is My way of Saying Thank you for Taking the Time to read my Blog every now and then... I Haven't Post as much as I wanted to but my Resolution for This year is to Update my Blog  (more Meaningful Post) no matter how busy I am.. This is Just a Mini-Giveaway so There are only Few but Valuable Beauty Items that I would like to share with you Guys! There will be 2 winners of the Same Prizes! (one for my facebook page and one for My blog)

What's in it for You this Year 2017?

   Happy New Year Guys!!! This is my first post this Year and I hope this is not too late hehe,..
Looking back at Year 2016, I still consider it as a blessed Year despite all the Trials and challenges that I encountered, I'm still grieving and sad about the painful passing of my Mom and trying to get my feet on to face everyday Life challenges. I'm still thankful, I should be!

Image from: Ange Loughran FB page