Congratulations to The New Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach!

   it is Indeed a Merry Merry Christmas 2015 Here in the Philippines, and I can't Help but to share my thoughts about the Controversial Recent Coronation of the Miss Universe 2015 held at Las Vegas, USA.

The Long Wait is Over for the Filipinos because after 42 years Pia Wurtzbach finally Bag the Crown! The successor of 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran. The 26 Years Old Filipina Beauty from Cagayan De Oro is an Actress, Model, and a Beauty & Lifestyle Writer at the Philippines, She Absolutely Nailed it During the Preliminaries, Swimsuit, Gown and The Question & Answer Portion of The Prestigious Pageant.

Comedian Host Steve Harvey Unintentionally Announced the Wrong Winner, Miss Colombia - Ariadna Gutierrez as The Miss Universe 2015, but after 4 Minutes He Came Back at the Stage and Apologized to the Audience Announcing The Miss Philippines as the Real Winner, of course this Immediately Created an Instant Buzz all over the World! This Horrible Mistake as Admitted by the Pageant Host has made a Mixed Reactions around the world especially to the Social Media, Some are Enraged and Some are Really Surprised and Happy by the Outcome of the Pageant..

But to be Fair to Miss Colombia - She is a Total Package of a Beautiful Woman, Her Statuesque, Her Charm, She was Humiliated in front of Thousands of people when The Crown was Removed in her Head and announcing her as the 1st Runner Up... But a Mistake is a Mistake maybe the Host didn't read Clearly the Final Card, It is Indeed Clear that Miss Philippines Exceled in all the Pageant Portion adding the Online Voting around the World..  Miss Philippines Exudes a Classy and Elegant Charm with a Humble attitude Towards the Coronation, A True Queen, Confidently Beautiful with a Heart as she said in the Final Q & A.

Miss USA -2nd Runner Up - Ms. Olivia Jordan is also a Stunner - I love her Bubbly Personality! she has this Beauty charm that anyone will surely love...

A Closeup shot of Pia...Look at that Magnetic Gaze...

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshot. Photo Credit:

Pia Wurtzbach during the Swimsuit Preliminaries. Photo Credit:

The Top 5...

Down to Top 3...

Pageant Host Apologizing to the Public after His wrong announcement of Winners...

The Confused & Surprised Pia during the Announcement....

That Very Awkward Moment During The Crowning....

Miss Universe 2014 - Paulina Vega Finally Passes the Crown to Pia...Photo Credit:

Congratulations Miss Philippines! Photo Credit:

Miss Universe 2015 during the Presscon...

First Time of the Miss Universe Pageant to announce a Wrong Winner but the good thing Steve Harvey Corrected it before the Live Telecast was Cut off!  Pia Wurtzbach missed Her "Unforgettable" Momentum during the Crowning, but the Nonetheless, Filipinos are Really Happy for this Victory, The New Miss Universe 2015 has a Message to her fans from her Instagram Account to Stop Fighting Over The Crowning Issues, so Let's Agree with that, Spread Love and Stop the Hate about her and Miss Colombia, For those the Haters, We Have to Move On and Accept the Reality, Miss Colombia is Right Because Everything Happens for a Reason. Again, Thank you Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

  Hi Everyone! How are you spending your Holidays this Vacation? Hope you had a great one!
we are all waiting this much needed holiday vacation with our loved ones, especially for those who have a full time job like me, this is a perfect time to bond with your family, and to meet some members of the family that you didn't seen for a long time...Usually Christmas Holidays in the Philippines starts at the December 24th to January 1st (New Year Time)

Holiday Vacation are Best Spent While:

1. Watching a Movie Marathon with the Whole Family

2. Singing Videoke Music with your Family and Friends

3. Strolling at the Park or at the Mall

4. Reading Interesting Books

5. Other Interesting Activities for you and your family

6. Food Trips & Making Unique Recipes!

Share your Holiday Activities, Comment it down Below! I would love to hear it!

Merry Christmas and Have a Prosperous New Year to All of you!

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My Kango Express Shipping Experience!

  For the Sake of Convenience, I Opt to shop Online. I am not a gross shopaholic that just buy and buy anything that i want (I'm not that rich haha!) but what I'm buying is some essentials that me or my family might use in the future, and for the items that is hard to find in the Philippines, Shopping Online is the Best Option for me, so when I learned about Kango Express Shipping Service, I felt a quick agitation!

  Just Recently I Used the Kango Shipping Service for the Items that I Bought from Amazon, Etsy and Some Online Stores in the U.S. I Let my Officemates to order too and Have it Shipped from the U.S. Address that Kango Express assigned to me during the Registration, We Had an Easy-Peasy Transaction!

So Here are the Steps:

1. Register First at Kango Express and Fill Up the Important Information (I Chose the Consolidation Service for Shipping which is Much affordable according to the Kango Customer Service)

Kango Express will Give you your Exclusive U.S. and U.K. Address

2. Shop at Any U.S. or U.K Online Stores

3. Ship them at the Shipping Address with the Account No. that Kango Express Assigned to you.

4. Wait for the Items to Arrive at Kango Express Warehouse.

5. You Will Receive a Notification if your Items arrived at the Kango Express warehouse

6. Once Arrived, Just Pay for the Shipping fee and They can Readily Ship it right at your Doorsteps for Just a Minimum of 4-5 days!

7. Their Method of Shipping is Via Air.

My Orders Had Arrived! Just Be sure to enter the Amount Values of your Items, They also Resize my Packages for a more cost saving shipment.

Their Notification mail for you when your package is ready for shipping
   The Shipping was Pretty Fast because They Shipped it on November 27, 2015 and Arrived at Our House Last December 2, 2015! that was a smooth & amazing Transaction;)

The package came with a well protected Cartons and Plastic...

My orders from U.S.! 

I Bought 2 Books, Photography Equipment (that is really Heavy), Photography Backdrops, My Officemate orders are 1 Ladies Watch and 2 Rubber/Basketball Shoes,  The Total Shipment is about $68 or P3,300 in Philippine Peso (Which I understand because I ordered a Lot!) and it all came right at our Home in a Perfect Condition, Just a Fast Shipping and a Nice Service!  I will definitely Use Kango Express Shipping again at my Next Online Puchase;)

Let Me Know your Thoughts and Share your Experience with Kango Express!

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Are You A Chocolate Lover?

   I Love Chocolates, I Really Do (hehe!) that's why I'm a Chubby Mommy! but seriously, I only ate chocolates when I'm PMS-ing or while having my Heavy Monthly Period and if i'm on a Busy activity the whole day. You Know any women can relate to this, that when you're having your period, you suddenly feel that you want to eat and munch as much as you want!
Blame it on our Changing Hormones;). I once heard at the Radio that Chocolates are not that really fattening, Only! If you eat it in Moderation...(aaww!)