How to Save Money for Year 2017

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Financial Literacy is must for all people, if we encounter any Financial problems we always reach whatever what we have on our savings and pockets, but what if we didn't have money as much as we need for particular situation? surely you will blame yourself for not saving enough for emergency needs that you experience, The Answer for that? SAVING MONEY.

‘Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin’

 Hello there! December is the Most awaited season for most of us and for so many reasons there are lot of things to be excited about, aside from Gift shopping and Planning Sumptous Dishes for Noche Buena, Holiday Parties are also anticipated! So Lots of Women are now preparing for their Glam Party Looks isn't it? So For Me, I'm planning to strut Two Glam Looks for Holidays, First is  a Sexy Smokey eyes look for our upcoming corporate Party and and Second, A  Gorgeous look for Family Gatherings, It's Nice to be Dolled up once in a while, Good thing Sephora Online Store is now available for Filipinas! with a Huge variety of Famous Brands to choose from, You're in a right track with Sephora!  So to help me achieve it , I Selected some Cosmetics to polish up my chosen Glamlooks!

BDJ Event 2016 #Riseabovethewaves

 Hey There! I'm always on the look out for BDJ events like what I've Attended last October 2016, It's the 2016 8th BDJ Fair  #Riseabovethewaves held at Mall of Asia, I Pre-Register and paid P200 to avail of the VIP Pass, because I wanted to attend their Seminar Talk.