Pope Francis Visit to the Philippines

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   The Philippines is very Blessed to be visited by Pope Francis, During his 5 day stay last January 15 to 19, we experienced his Holiness and "Malasakit" to us especially to the Taclobanons/Yolanda Survivors, I was Impressed how the Filipinos showed a Disciplined behavior and Care for the Pope, As we have seen a Huge amount of People who gathered and Waited at the Streets in Manila during his Motorcade just to have a short glance to the Pope (how lucky they are!) I think it was the same scenery when Pope John Paul II Visited the Philippines Last 1995, the Historic mass held at the Quirino Grandstand on Sunday, January 18, the MMDA claimed that the gathered crowd peaked at 6 million people! (that's how Filipinos show their Strong Faith to God!) and it surpassed the 4 Million record that Pope John Paul II attended at the same place during World Youth Day in 1995. But the most Important factor is the Pope's Message to us and Here are some of his Unforgettable Quotes:

The Benefits of Reading

Happy Monday! 

 As you all know, Metro Manila is on a Holiday Mode because of the 3 day Papal Visit this January, and here i am some kinda bored in our house, i cannot watch TV because my son loves to watch cartoons so i let him to do so, instead i resort to read my books that i haven't finished because i was a working mom, so the long holiday is a time for me to bond with my family or to rest whenever i want, wayback in my school days, i was fond of reading books and magazines, i'm not a bookworm that spends long hours of reading, but i just love to read whatever articles, magazines or books! so if you're wondering is there a Benefit of Reading? Here are some of the Facts:

How to Keep your New Year's Resolution

Hooray it's the year 2015!!! 

 Another year has passed, how many times you had promise yourself that every start of the year you will begin your fitness regimen, be more punctual etc., etc,. 

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So this time around, I want this year to have a Positive Impact and significant change in my Life if that's make any sense, cause I am Tired of the usual routine that i have been doing from the past year, so yeah, Here we go: 

Initial Post

Hello There!!!

    I Decided to make my own Blog to share thoughts about everyday living, being a mom, an employee, a friend and a wife, Life has so much to offer!