Happy Holidays to Everyone!

  Hi Everyone! How are you spending your Holidays this Vacation? Hope you had a great one!
we are all waiting this much needed holiday vacation with our loved ones, especially for those who have a full time job like me, this is a perfect time to bond with your family, and to meet some members of the family that you didn't seen for a long time...Usually Christmas Holidays in the Philippines starts at the December 24th to January 1st (New Year Time)

Holiday Vacation are Best Spent While:

1. Watching a Movie Marathon with the Whole Family

2. Singing Videoke Music with your Family and Friends

3. Strolling at the Park or at the Mall

4. Reading Interesting Books

5. Other Interesting Activities for you and your family

6. Food Trips & Making Unique Recipes!

Share your Holiday Activities, Comment it down Below! I would love to hear it!

Merry Christmas and Have a Prosperous New Year to All of you!

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