My Kango Express Shipping Experience!

  For the Sake of Convenience, I Opt to shop Online. I am not a gross shopaholic that just buy and buy anything that i want (I'm not that rich haha!) but what I'm buying is some essentials that me or my family might use in the future, and for the items that is hard to find in the Philippines, Shopping Online is the Best Option for me, so when I learned about Kango Express Shipping Service, I felt a quick agitation!

  Just Recently I Used the Kango Shipping Service for the Items that I Bought from Amazon, Etsy and Some Online Stores in the U.S. I Let my Officemates to order too and Have it Shipped from the U.S. Address that Kango Express assigned to me during the Registration, We Had an Easy-Peasy Transaction!

So Here are the Steps:

1. Register First at Kango Express and Fill Up the Important Information (I Chose the Consolidation Service for Shipping which is Much affordable according to the Kango Customer Service)

Kango Express will Give you your Exclusive U.S. and U.K. Address

2. Shop at Any U.S. or U.K Online Stores

3. Ship them at the Shipping Address with the Account No. that Kango Express Assigned to you.

4. Wait for the Items to Arrive at Kango Express Warehouse.

5. You Will Receive a Notification if your Items arrived at the Kango Express warehouse

6. Once Arrived, Just Pay for the Shipping fee and They can Readily Ship it right at your Doorsteps for Just a Minimum of 4-5 days!

7. Their Method of Shipping is Via Air.

My Orders Had Arrived! Just Be sure to enter the Amount Values of your Items, They also Resize my Packages for a more cost saving shipment.

Their Notification mail for you when your package is ready for shipping
   The Shipping was Pretty Fast because They Shipped it on November 27, 2015 and Arrived at Our House Last December 2, 2015! that was a smooth & amazing Transaction;)

The package came with a well protected Cartons and Plastic...

My orders from U.S.! 

I Bought 2 Books, Photography Equipment (that is really Heavy), Photography Backdrops, My Officemate orders are 1 Ladies Watch and 2 Rubber/Basketball Shoes,  The Total Shipment is about $68 or P3,300 in Philippine Peso (Which I understand because I ordered a Lot!) and it all came right at our Home in a Perfect Condition, Just a Fast Shipping and a Nice Service!  I will definitely Use Kango Express Shipping again at my Next Online Puchase;)

Let Me Know your Thoughts and Share your Experience with Kango Express!

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