13 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

   Our Mother who is a Very Special Person Close to our Hearts, The one who Brought us in this world and Cared for us with Affection since we were just a Baby until we reached our Legal age..., She's the One who is always there for us through ups and downs of our life..., The One who is always Brutally Honest but still give her unconditional LOVE.....

 Mother's Day is just around the Corner this coming MAY 10,  and I always look forward for this Special Celebration every year, I Love how this Special Day Give's my Mom a Genuine Smile, Happiness and Brighten her Mood, So I Made my Personal List of Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Help you out Guys for Gift Giving Ideas for your Loving Moms!

Summer Activities for Kids!

The Bliss of Vacation...Why not make it more Fun and Useful with your Kids? Here in the Philippines, Students are in Vacation mode right now and to make it more significant, Our Children must Spend it with Learnings while they are Enjoying their Summer Break.

Summer need not to be Boring but Instead Make it a Productive one and  and Let your Children Shine!

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Here are some suggested Summer Activities for Kids:

1. Workshop

    There are numerous workshop offerings for children ages 7 to 12 years old like Baking, Art, Sports and Educational Activities, Companies Like Nestle offer The Milo Sportsclinic, Jollibee for Summer Camp, McDonalds Kiddie Crew Workshop, your child will surely Learn Positive Traits as well as Acquiring new Skills!

2. Teach them to Learn a Household Chore

    For GirlsParents can Teach them to Wash the Plates as early as age 7, Just guide them to be careful and For Boys,Try to Learn the right way of Sweeping and Mopping the Floors, in this Chores they will learn about being Responsible, you may reward them if you wish as this may motivate them to do more.

3. Attend Church Activities

This may be Optional depending on your Religion, but for Catholics your Kids can join the Church Choir Group or other Bible Studies that your Local Church can offer.

4. Read

  Vacation is the Best Time for them to encourage Reading, there are many Benefits of Reading as what i posted here. Let them Choose what Genre they are interested in or Read Magazines and other Educational materials.

5.  Organize Room and their Personal Things 

Teach them to fix their Beddings and Room upon waking up as well as Organizing their Personal things, It's Nice to see them Tidy than Looking like a Chaos.

6. Learn a Craft or Have a Hobby

There are Many Craft to Choose from: be it Photography, Cross Stitching, Quilting, Origami, Playing a Musical Instrument and the likes, let them Discover their Inner Talent and Hone their Skills!

So That's it! These Simple Activities will surely be a Useful moment for your Kids, Let me Know if you have other Suggestions, Comment Down Below!

Have a Great Day Ahead!!!

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Visita Iglesia 2015

  Hellooo!!! How did you spend the Long Holiday? I hope that some of you really enjoyed it and of course, I bet you had your most awaited "relaxing moment" whether it is a Holiday Bonding with your family or just pampering yourself to rest from the stress related work, As for me I Spent my Holiday with my Family and I'm Fine with that, Last Maundy Thursday, we decided to do The Seven Churches Visitation Popularly known as "Visita Iglesia" for the Roman Catholics (in the Philippines) like me, It was my first time to Participate in this kind of activity since i always spent the Holy week only in our house in the Past years, I said to myself, why not? this is an Opportunity to Grab on because everybody else in the family of ours would like to join to this activity but due to the Vehicle Limitation constraints, only a few Representatives of the family are allowed because I had a big family you know ;)

Holy Week Reminders

Hey There, I Hope I'm not too late for this Post, Anyways Guys It's Holy week now and today is Holy Wednesday, Let us Observe a Peaceful and Meaningful Lenten Season, some of you will have your most awaited long vacation and some will decide to have their "Staycation" at the House, other Hardworking Pals will have to spend their Holy week at the office especially to the hardworking call center agents there, who is required to report for word even on the Holidays, whatever it is, Please Keep these Reminders for you to Spend a Peaceful and Safe Holy Week..