Believe in Yourself

    When i was a Kid, i remember that i was extremely shy when i am interacting with other people, maybe my mom who raised us at that time is at the adjustment mode because my father had just died from an accident few years ago, that's why she didn't take time to motivate me to mingle around, i have no bad feelings about my mother, instead i love her so much more now... i was a very understanding child then... my mom had a high expectations from me on academic and socializing aspect, and i think i disappointed my mother for not being a "smart" and "sociable" child just like her when she was just a student in their province wherein she got the valedictorian award in their elementary class and i am proud of her achievements but what the heck, i cannot push myself  to be as smart like her and worst, my timid personality continued until my high school days,

How to be a Good Parent?

           What makes a Good Parent? is it the status of the person in the society or it can be Gauge through the Profession? The Educational Level? Probably not. I Realized that Being a Good Parent for me is the most Challenging Part in my Life, Me and my Husband are not Perfect either.

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Fire Prevention & Safety Tips for Home this Summer

  Okay, March is Here! It's Fun because it's the start of vacation for some but at the same time it always bring me worries, why? These past few weeks, we heard news Headlines here in the Philippines about Tragic Fire Incidents in some parts of Metro Manila that Cause Casualties, Property Damage and Emotional Trauma to our Countrymen and i Too, experienced that! Wayback 15 years ago when a house beside us Burned! OMG as in that was really scary! Imagine the Adrenaline Rush that me and my Family had in that Moment... good thing there's a firewall between our house that prevent the Fire from going to our House Wheew! and of course, The Powerful prayers of my Mom that save us from that Horrific Incident.