Taking Gifting to the Next Level!

  I always Love the Spirit of Christmas, it gives me a feeling of hope and happiness, I had many happy flashbacks from my childhood how me and my family are celebrating the most awaited Christmas season every year, the vivid memories like Christmas caroling with my childhood friends, wrapping gifts, Sumptous  Noche Buena feast while gathering with the whole clan and even waiting for Santa Claus to arrive and excitedly hope for his magical gift! i wish everyone had these delightful moments in their lives may it be rich or poor because for me Christmas is all about Love and Joy! your love for your family, friends, yourself and for other less fortunate people and of course the Joy of Giving!

 It has always been a part of Yuletide Season to Give Presents to our Loved ones so to Share to you my Reflections about this, here are some of my Thoughts:

1. What is your Christmas wish list for yourself?  


- One thing that i really wish to have is the Kindle or eBook reader because I  love reading books but i don't like the idea of having too many hardbound and paperback books in our house because we had a very limited space so i have to save up a lot to get this one! I also wish for a New Sandals, Wrap Dress, A Cool New Shirt and an Authentic MAC Lippy! A Simple Wishlist for a Simple Woman Like Me!
 - As for the Spiritual Side - I love to have a gift of Peace and Happiness, it cannot be bought by money, I Think these are one of the most special gift to have!

2. What are your Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones this year?

-  I want them to have a Healthy Body, so I am thinking to Give them a Vitamin Supplements, Toys, New Clothes, Shoes and Personal Care Products that will surely Nourish their Health Aspects and Physical Appearance, I want them to feel and Look Good about themselves!

3. How do you plan to give back to others this Christmas? 

- Giving Back to others and sharing your Blessings is a Great way to Celebrate Christmas, I'm Planning to share a certain amount from my most awaited 13th Month bonus and to Donate something worthful to the Charitable Institutions Like SM Super Malls have, The SM Christmas Bears of Joy Program for Children,  I Think this is the Most marvelous & Fulfilling thing about Christmas, It's Better to Give than to receive as the saying goes:)

Christmas Time is the Season of Giving and Bonding with your Family & Friends!

So to Start your Gift Giving Activity, Head on & Begin to Shop at your Nearest SM Supermalls and Start the Merry SM Christmas Now! 

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May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

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