Congratulations to The New Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach!

   it is Indeed a Merry Merry Christmas 2015 Here in the Philippines, and I can't Help but to share my thoughts about the Controversial Recent Coronation of the Miss Universe 2015 held at Las Vegas, USA.

The Long Wait is Over for the Filipinos because after 42 years Pia Wurtzbach finally Bag the Crown! The successor of 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran. The 26 Years Old Filipina Beauty from Cagayan De Oro is an Actress, Model, and a Beauty & Lifestyle Writer at the Philippines, She Absolutely Nailed it During the Preliminaries, Swimsuit, Gown and The Question & Answer Portion of The Prestigious Pageant.

Comedian Host Steve Harvey Unintentionally Announced the Wrong Winner, Miss Colombia - Ariadna Gutierrez as The Miss Universe 2015, but after 4 Minutes He Came Back at the Stage and Apologized to the Audience Announcing The Miss Philippines as the Real Winner, of course this Immediately Created an Instant Buzz all over the World! This Horrible Mistake as Admitted by the Pageant Host has made a Mixed Reactions around the world especially to the Social Media, Some are Enraged and Some are Really Surprised and Happy by the Outcome of the Pageant..

But to be Fair to Miss Colombia - She is a Total Package of a Beautiful Woman, Her Statuesque, Her Charm, She was Humiliated in front of Thousands of people when The Crown was Removed in her Head and announcing her as the 1st Runner Up... But a Mistake is a Mistake maybe the Host didn't read Clearly the Final Card, It is Indeed Clear that Miss Philippines Exceled in all the Pageant Portion adding the Online Voting around the World..  Miss Philippines Exudes a Classy and Elegant Charm with a Humble attitude Towards the Coronation, A True Queen, Confidently Beautiful with a Heart as she said in the Final Q & A.

Miss USA -2nd Runner Up - Ms. Olivia Jordan is also a Stunner - I love her Bubbly Personality! she has this Beauty charm that anyone will surely love...

A Closeup shot of Pia...Look at that Magnetic Gaze...

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshot. Photo Credit:

Pia Wurtzbach during the Swimsuit Preliminaries. Photo Credit:

The Top 5...

Down to Top 3...

Pageant Host Apologizing to the Public after His wrong announcement of Winners...

The Confused & Surprised Pia during the Announcement....

That Very Awkward Moment During The Crowning....

Miss Universe 2014 - Paulina Vega Finally Passes the Crown to Pia...Photo Credit:

Congratulations Miss Philippines! Photo Credit:

Miss Universe 2015 during the Presscon...

First Time of the Miss Universe Pageant to announce a Wrong Winner but the good thing Steve Harvey Corrected it before the Live Telecast was Cut off!  Pia Wurtzbach missed Her "Unforgettable" Momentum during the Crowning, but the Nonetheless, Filipinos are Really Happy for this Victory, The New Miss Universe 2015 has a Message to her fans from her Instagram Account to Stop Fighting Over The Crowning Issues, so Let's Agree with that, Spread Love and Stop the Hate about her and Miss Colombia, For those the Haters, We Have to Move On and Accept the Reality, Miss Colombia is Right Because Everything Happens for a Reason. Again, Thank you Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

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  1. It sure was an interesting night, but congratulations to Pia! She deserves the crown, her answers were awesome.

  2. I feel proud of what Ms. Pia Wurtzbach has achieved as the Miss Universe 2015, but I also pity Ms. Colombia because of the shame in front of the billions of people watching all over the world. But what happened has happened, and Pia is deserving of the crown. :)

  3. I can feel it that Pia will really take home the crown. She deserves it. It saddens me that the coronation moment happens on a very awkward moment. I understand how Ms. Colombia feel during and after that event. I fee sorry for her. If you place me on her shoes. I don't think I can do a single move on that stage. Anyway, Congratulations to us! We all made it!

  4. I got goosebumps when Steve Harvey announce he had a mistake. Much more when he announce that Pia is the real Ms. Universe. She deserves the crown because she worked hard for it and it shows naman with how she show off her self that night. Really confidently beautiful with a heart.

  5. You can check out Perez Hilton's honest podcast about the pageant. Hehe. I feel the same. So proud of Pia! :)

  6. I'm so proud of Ms. Pia she deserved it! I was totally shocked when Steve announced that it was The Philippines, I was literally jumping! Congratulations to Ms. Pia!

  7. So proud being a Filipina, hehe I feel you also, but I salute to Perez Hilton because he did a great job.