How To - Cute Sunflower Nail Art

 I Discovered Doing Nail Art 2 Years ago and now I'm Hooked! I admit that i am not an expert doing this craft but i love it because it brightens up my day, it may not suit my Age but Hey, I like to express my "Inner" Art Talent haha, the only Complain that i can say is that it's very meticulous to do and for a Lazy one like me, It's a Challenge! if i had enough time, I like to change my Nail Design every week just for Fun, and for Now I'll be Sharing you How i did my Sunflower Nail Art Design;)

How to Create a Half-Up Twist Hairstyle - Guest Post by Miranda Hicks

  I must admit that I’m a fashion freak and love to experiment with different looks and need to mention that my personal favorite is the half-up twist hairstyle that is remarkably stylish and yet incredibly simple. So, I always make sure to flaunt the half up twist hairstyle on occasions to look my best and here I’m with my tutorial for creating the half up twist hairstyle for all those  women who wish to look fabulous.

What's in my Bag?

  For Most of Women Carrying a Bag is A Basic Necessity for everyday errands specially when you are working, and For Me it's a must because i felt uncomfortable when i don't have my personal stash around me when i am going to work, so today I would like to share you what's Inside my Bag, nothing so extravagant, Just a Basic and Practical Stuff Inside:


My Basic Stuff in my Bag are:

1. Umbrella
2. Cellphone
3. Wallet
4. Small Fan
5. Pen/Notepad
6. Mints
7. Lipstick
8. Baby Powder
9. Small Tissue
10. Sunglass/Shades
11. Eyebrow Powder
12. Aloe Lips Lipbalm
13. Neutral Mini Eyeshadow
14. White Flower Balm
15: Small Sanitizer

Notice the Umbrella and the Small Fan? I never leave my home without bringing that haha, because it's freakin hot here in the Philippines right now, and the other stuff are really important ones, i did not include a cologne or perfume because i put some spritz before i go out and besides it's pretty heavy in my bag, I know for some people it may seem a lot but that's just me, I love carrying it Around!

So that's it, Can you share also What's Inside your Bag?

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