A HeartfeltThank You!

Hello!!! How are you my Dear Readers? I Terribly Miss writing a Blog Post because I am so Busy from the Past few days and I even have a lot of Backlog Post! Anyhow, I want to take this Time and this Opportunity to thank you Guys who take Time to Read my New Blog and even Nominate it To the Bloggys 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards - A BIG Thank you to all of you from the Bottom of my Heart! i Thought I'm the Only one who nominate my own Blog because I didn't even Promote my Blog for Nomination, then the Other day, I Have Received an email Notification from Bloggys Organizer that My Blog has been Nominated for Personal/Diary Category, I Have just started Blogging Early this Year and I didn't Really expect to be Included in the 2015 Bloggys Hall of Fame List,  So this Time, You can Vote for me at Bloggys

Here's the Steps:

1. If you are a Filipino Citizen, Then you can vote for me!

2. Vote through this Link Here . you can find the name of my Blog iamlenainza.blogspot.com at http://bloggys.ph/section-2/ page.

3. Check the Box beside my Blog name iamlenainza.blogspot.com

4. You can only Vote Once every Category.

5. Once submitted your vote is now counted.

6. Voting Period is Until October 31, 2015.

Thank you and expect that I will be writing more meaningful Post for you in the Future... Just Tune in!

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