Review: Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant Stick

One of the Important essentials to my Personal Care is the Deodorant, I Have been Searching for the Right Deodorant for a Long Time... and I think I Finally Found One!

The Factors i am considering when Looking for Deos is that is has to Protect me from Stinky Odor all day despite of any light or Heavy activities that i am doing, Second - it has to be Gentle on my Skin because i have tried other Deos before that made my pits to really darken...because of the harsh chemical ingredients that it have. So Now I am Glad to Introduce to you the ALOE EVER SHIELD DEODORANT STICK from Forever Living!

The Metro Wide Earthquake Drill!!!

 The Big One, The Massive Earthquake in Manila, you probably heard or read about this warning from News Stations and from Local Governments spreading the informations to start preparing for the feared Magnitude 7.2 earthquake that might happen not only in Manila but in Nearby areas such as Muntinlupa, Quezon City, etc. it could happen anytime according to the authorities, we never know, Earthquake is deemed unpredictable but anyone can prepare.

it is said that West Valley Fault movement is due for its movement and the feared earthquake may strike any time.

Just Imagining its aftermath is already a horror in my mind just like what happened in Nepal's Deadly Earthquake last April 2015 where many Precious lives are lost and many families suffered. it is true we cannot control it because it was an act of nature, a natural disaster so aside from Praying to God it is everyone's responsibility to prepare for this serious matter. The Local Authorities has Informed People to Have a Survival Kit wherein it contains such essentials that we will need in times of disaster like water, ready made food, extra clothing etc., Have the Emergency Call Hotlines must be at reach anytime.

July is a Nutrition Month!

   July is here again... I must be excited because it's my Birth Month, but other than that I'm excited to write about the importance of Nutrition Promotion this Month. The 2015 Philippine Nutrition Month campaign, “Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo,” (Correct weight through right nutrition and exercise) aims to make people aware about how they can prevent Obesity. This will be done by providing them with adequate information. Most People Nowadays Lives in a Sedentary Lifestyle which is too bad! & the Foods - ugh, It's yummy but not healthy anymore, it's really a matter of choices and decisions when you really want a Healthy Lifestyle.