Wellmanson's - A Heaven for Accessories Lovers!

     Are you Fond of Wearing Accessories to Spice up your OOTD's and to Complement your Overall look? well if you agree then this Post is written for you!

Hubby and I went to Villalobos St. Quiapo, Manila (near Quiapo Church) last month and everytime I go in this place, I never forget to pass by in the area where you can Find a lot of Affordable Fashion Accessories Store especially Wellmanson's - It's a One stop shop store where you can find a Lot of Bling Blings, Trinkets, Fashion Accessories,embellishments, Beads for Jewelry Makers and Whatnots.

 I Discovered Wellmanson's when i got hooked at Jewelry and making Beaderies 3 Year ago, That's My weird Habit, when I am Interested in a Certain Craft I get really addicted to it and then suddenly it subsides when i feel I already mastered a thing and then i get to find another Recreational Activity that will spark my interest but anyhow I still love beading and if my Busy time permits, I'd love to make a set of cute jewelries again!

 There's a Lot of Designs to Choose from that will cater everyone's taste from little Girls to older women, even Men can pick up their thing because I've seen some Interesting Bracelets for males there.

  You may check these Photos to give you a pinch of Info if you're Planning to Stop by at Wellmanson's Soon:

Kikay Neclaces & Headbands for Young Girls

Strands of Colorful Beads & Gems for Jewelry Makers...and Different Kinds of Rings

Rings, Rings & Rings!

Necklaces for Mature Women

Eye Candies - Bracelets!!!

Bracelets for Women - All ages!

Cute Bangles to try on!

More Arm Candies!

Bracelet for Girls!

They're also selling Home Ornaments..

Who doesn't love these Shawls?

Colorful Brooches...

Fashion Belts...

Statement Necklaces & Sunglasses for Men & Women...

Lots of Drop Earrings to choose from...

I Managed to buy a Shawl, Hair Pony Stick, Bracelet for my Daughter & a Set of Bangles for me, I get Compliments everytime i wear it!

Have you Seen someting you've like? then Hop on to wellmanson's on your next Trip to Quiapo! Enjoy Accessories Shopping!

Disclaimer: This Post was not Sponsored by wellmanson's - all statements are all own opinion by the writer.

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