Shopping Online is More Fun with!

   I'm a Big Fan when it comes to Shopping Online, because I Find it Really Cool and I get to avail affordable deals and Promotions minus the Traffic and Stress when I do it in the Malls and Supermarkets. Online Shopping is really Popular Right now and Some of Online Stores Like Lazada offers a Cash on Delivery Payment Options for Those who do not have Credit Cards which make it more convenient for Online Shoppers.

My First Ipsy Glambag - October 2015

  Hi There! Today I will be sharing you My Mini Haul from my First Ipsy Glambag last October 2015, I Know that this was a Super Late Post because as you know Guys, I had to wait for This Glambag for 1 Month before it was delivered here in the Philippines, Yes I Ordered it straight from the U.S.! using our Local Shipper. I was very curious about Ipsy Glambags because for only $10 bucks or 500.00 + (in pesos) you will get a 5 mini samplers of Different Beauty Products  it is a Combination of 5 Beauty and Skincare Stuff All in a 1 Cute Pouch.


Best Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2016 - Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

  Hair is not just an accessory for your head. It is a fashion statement, reflecting your personality and self- Confidence. There is much more to it than just cuts, colors and styles, sometimes hairstyles can be true works of art. It is no wonder than that hair trends change alongside fashion and move at the same pace as the world goes round. And like fashion, they have their own seasons. The year behind us was defined by contouring and ombre, but 2016 brings with it whole new set of hair trends which will blow you away.

Here are some of the best hairstyles we will have the chance to see in 2016.

1. Bobs to Rule Them All

Let us be honest, this classic cut has endured the peaks and valleys of popularity, but it was always present. Many stylists predict that the classic bob will be the biggest trend of the year, and really, you can never go wrong with timelessness. A bob with a twist, or shall we call it, the “wob”, is another trend to try out the upcoming season. The soft wavy bob, as seen on Kristen Stewart, will be a major hit.

2. Au Naturel Hues

Say goodbye to Katy Perry’s shades of purple, green and bubble gum pink, and hello to natural hair hues which will complement your beauty. Artificial-looking and conspicuous hair colors will remain in the past. The future brings natural looking colors and healthy hair. The best thing about it is that you do not have to visit your stylist to accomplish that look. Just dye your hair with subtle shades or do not dye it at all and take care of it with hair styling products from Theorie with essential ingredient for healthy hair – argan oil.

3. You Go, Warrior!

Warrior pony tail is a great thing to wear this spring/summer. It is simple, sleek and stylish, and the perfect salvation for the bad hair day. Just use some hair gel to pull your hair back into a high pony tail and add some band to step up the game. You can even wear it to an evening event and glam it up a bit with hair accessories.

4. Let’s Twist Again

Twisted buns are simple hairstyles which can be easily recreated by real women at home. The look dominated the runways from Zac Posen’s to Jason Wu’s, in its many varieties. The one thing that remained the same is that all of them were nape-levels. Low buns are the way to go; top knots are out. It is allowed to get a little creative with your low bun and add some braids, for that extra “wow”.

5. Back to School

Remember those annoying pigtails your mom made you wear to school? Well, in 2016, they are back with revenge. Now, they are worn low and close together and when combined with goth lipstick, chockers or heavy metal accessories they can be much cooler than the one you wore on the schoolyard. If you do not trust us, trust Marni, Giles, Miu Miu and Chanel, because their fashion shows made pigtails famous again.

6. Chica Chica Boom Chic

Spring/Summer 2016 is calling you to be brave enough to get on the dance floor with bold hair accessories similar to those worn by Portuguese Brazilian samba singer/dancer and Broadway actress, Carmen Miranda in the 1940’s. Do not worry, if you are not feeling bold enough to tuck in a cluster of bright tropical flowers in your hair, you can simply wear a feathery headpiece on the side, like the models at Diane fon Furstenberg did or you can go all the way and add some fruit into the mixture like Dolce & Gabbana’s models.

It is clear by now that 2016 is ready for you. The only question remaining is are you ready for it? Visit your hairstylist as soon as possible and find out!

Thanks for This Great Article Peter!

Peter is a lifestyle writer for HighStyleLife magazine in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a fashion stylist and also as a freelance writer for few local magazines in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. His future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips. Follow Peter on Facebook and Twitter.

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A New Hope for The Year 2016...

  Happy New Year My Dear Readers! I Bet you had a Great Time Spending The Past Holiday Vacation with Your Friends and  Loved Ones..

 Year 2016, A Fresh Start, A New Beginning, It's Time to Let go of the Past Hatreds, and Negativity in your Life, We should be Thankful of Everyday Blessings that our Creator always Gives to Us.. Life is so Short to Spend on Meaningless Things that Make us even more Unhappy and Uncontented..

I would like to Take this Opportunity to Say Thank you All for Taking Time Reading My Blog Posts, and Expect More Meaningful Articles this Year , I'm Happy That to Announce that My Blog is a Year Old Already...Wow!..Thank you Guys..You are always my Inspiration...

Again Happy New Year and May the Year 2016 Have an Abundant Blessings and Lucky Year For You, It's the Year of Fire Monkey!!!



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