Updated!!! - My Top 10 Filipina Youtube Guru/Beauty Blogger

     I am a self confessed late bloomer you know, I didn't know how to put makeup on my face until we had a computer in our house and started to watch these ladies on Youtube videos, and I've been literally hooked! 

I was looking for a Basic Makeup Application Videos and i came across with their Beauty Videos, there are many Beauty Guru in Youtube now and  this List is my Personal Picks based on how often i check their channels and Beauty Blogs.

Aloe Vera - The Miracle Plant

   Are you Familiar with the Aloe Vera Plant? I'm sure you are! Today, I am going to share the Health benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera, I remember when i was in my younger age, i used to buy a sachet of Aloe Vera shampoo because i love how it smells and thickens my Hair just after using it for a few days, I've been a Fan of this Plant eversince! I am not a Doctor, but let me tell you that this plant works wonder to to Humans that's why it is called a "Miracle Plant" because of its Healing Properties. Aloe isn't a Medicine But it Cures! if you are going to use Aloe Vera for both Topical and Oral Applications, I always recommend to Consult your Doctor beforehand.

Window Shopping at SM Aura Premiere

   Just Recently, My Hubby and I went to Bonifacio Global City, Taguig to do some Important errands there, So i was surprised when i learned that We were going to the Building near SM Aura! so it means, I can hop in easily to this mall! I've been wanting to visit this Place since it's Opening Last 2013,  where Hollywood celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker graced when the mall opened to the Public, She also cut the ribbon for The SM Store, as well as being the endorser for their "Love to Shop" campaign. According to Wikipedia, The SM Aura name is derived from the two elements gold (which has the chemical symbol Au) and radium. According to SM Prime putting them together defines “luxury and elegance that emanates from within.” (nice name origin huh!)

  Well, SM Malls are Common and Famous Shopping mall in the Philippines where it has 50 branches Nationwide, and The SM Aura Branch i think is not an ordinary one...why? first it's situated in a Place where it is surrounded by High Rise Condominium Units and Business Building and Second the Mall Features environmental advantages, also provides a much needed green and communal space in Metro Manila’s dense cityscape.

February - It's a Love Month!

Source: www.hdimagesgallery.com
Oh yes it's February! there is always Exciting about this month that most of us are easily connected (you know what i mean) the Valentines Day!!! so start preparing now for what you can do or something that will touched the Hearts of your Loved Ones, aside from Giving Roses and Chocolates which is the "Usual" thing on the V-day, why don't you start thinking Creatively to Give Joy and Sweetness to your Parents, Friends, Wives, Spouses, Children or Special Someone, it doesn't have to be extravagant but a simple and meaningful one is much appreciated, it's not only for the Lover's out there but it's for everyone!