Don't be a Fashion Victim, Here's What's New this Season! - Guest Post by Jae Rustia

 Even if you love all things fashion, keeping up with all the trends — the dos and the don’ts — and staying on top of the fashion game can be tricky. From top fashion magazines issuing their trend reports to fashion bloggers sharing their take on the latest trends, fashion has never been more popular than in this.

Nobody wants to look like a fashion victim these days — we want to look good without looking like we are trying too hard or looking like we don’t have a clue. Having enough basics and classic pieces in your Wardrobe to work with no matter the season is the first step to earning your fashionista stripes, after that, well, all you need to do is to invest in a few on trend pieces to take your look to another level.

No matter whether you are stepping in to chilly autumn days or warm spring nights, the following are some on trend pieces you can rock, to look like a style maven.

My Summer Survival Essentials!

  Oh Summer Season! The Time when you are actually enjoying the Splash of the Beach, Donning of Comfy and Fresh Outfits and Making most of the Time of the Kids's Vacation, It's Actually a Fun Month of the Year BUT boy oh Boy, This is Also the Time when you're Going to experience the Scorching Heat and Damaging Effects of The Sun!

Here in The Philippines, Summer Months Start at March and normally ends in May. Listed as One of the Tropical Countries in the World, Temperatures can Rise as High as 35 Degrees (Imagine How Humid is that!) We have Different ways to Beat the Bad Effects of Summer, So How Do I Survive the
Heat of Summer?