July is a Nutrition Month!

   July is here again... I must be excited because it's my Birth Month, but other than that I'm excited to write about the importance of Nutrition Promotion this Month. The 2015 Philippine Nutrition Month campaign, “Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo,” (Correct weight through right nutrition and exercise) aims to make people aware about how they can prevent Obesity. This will be done by providing them with adequate information. Most People Nowadays Lives in a Sedentary Lifestyle which is too bad! & the Foods - ugh, It's yummy but not healthy anymore, it's really a matter of choices and decisions when you really want a Healthy Lifestyle.

I admit that i too, is a hard headed Individual, I Know that i am overweight but still i am not serious about keeping my weight normal, or having a regular rounds of diet & exercise, because for me keeping a Fit body requires a massive discipline efforts & dedication attitude and i'm aware i'm lacking of that aspect. but of course i don't want my later life to spend with medications, serious illnesses that will make my health worse or else me & and my family will suffer because of it,  so i think it's really time to start a Healthy Regimen Right now...it's not too late!

So I must Stick to this 11-Point Plan from now on:

1. Less Rice & Carbs Diet

2. Eat More Fruits & Veggies

3. No Softdrinks & Sweets

4. Drink More Water

5. Start a 30 minutes Cardio Exercise at Least Thrice a Week

6. No to Yo-yo Dieting

7. Reach my Ideal weight of 100 to 110 Pounds (I'm a Short Person That's why this is my Ideal Weight- I weigh 130 Pounds right now.)

8. Always Eat in Moderation.

9. Keep Going & Motivated to Reach my Ideal Weight - Shun Bad Stressors away!

10.Stop Being Lazy!

11. Take Dietary or Nutritional Supplements

Whoah I Think this is really a Tough List, What do you think guys Let me know have if you have more suggestions, I would be glad to hear it from you!

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