Bloggys 2015 - Philippine Blogging Awards

 I'm a Regular Blog Reader and i always Love to read about  Lifestyle, Parenting and Beauty Articles, so when i Heard about Bloggys 2015, I Felt an excitement right away! because I feel that this is a most awaited event for especially for the best Bloggers in Town!

  If you're a Filipino &  Love Reading Different Kind of Blogs, Well Now's the Time to Nominate for your Favorite Blog, It's Time for Filipino Bloggers to shine!, I Believe Filipino Bloggers has Special Talent in Writing... you can nominate your own or someone else's blog. I Know I have read Parenting & Beauty Blogs most of the time and I'm Excited to nominate for them! For Those who don't Have an Idea about Bloggys 2015, It's a Prestigious Philippine Blogging Awards Looking for the Top and Finest Bloggers Nationwide from Luzon to Mindanao! Isn't that amazing? I Believe the Bloggys Award had just started only this year, they are searching for the Top Bloggers in Town who writes in Different Niches, Be it Fashion, Food, Parenting, Beauty, Technology etc.

It's just so Frustrating because I have many Favorite Bloggers who writes well and Gives a Nice Articles & Information to their Readers but I only have to choose one! Oh my Goodness, But nevertheless I am excited about this event, It seems that it will be a Regular Event for the next coming years and I'm Happy about it. There will be a Ticket Reservations for those Fellow Bloggers who want to attend and be a part of witnessing this Grand Event for Filipino Bloggers! So What are you waiting for? Nominate Now!

For Details Please Check page and check the Nomination Process Here, Take part of this Activity and Vote for your Favorite Blog. Nomination is Currently up until September 1-30, 2015!

You may Nominate a Blog Here

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