Are You A Chocolate Lover?

   I Love Chocolates, I Really Do (hehe!) that's why I'm a Chubby Mommy! but seriously, I only ate chocolates when I'm PMS-ing or while having my Heavy Monthly Period and if i'm on a Busy activity the whole day. You Know any women can relate to this, that when you're having your period, you suddenly feel that you want to eat and munch as much as you want!
Blame it on our Changing Hormones;). I once heard at the Radio that Chocolates are not that really fattening, Only! If you eat it in Moderation...(aaww!)

   Accoding to some Research, There are Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates, especially the Dark Ones (which is my Favorite!)

Potential Health Benefits of Chocolates Includes:

-Lowering cholesterol levels
-Prevents cognitive decline
-Reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems
-Stress Reducer
-Reduces risk of stroke.
-Good for your skin.

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These are some of the Potential Benefits of Chocolates, But for the Kids it will cause them to be in a Hyper and Active Mode, Just consume it in Moderation.. and for the Adults, Don't forget to Brush your Teeth after eating;) 

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Dark Chocolates, I Loove it!!!

I Think there's no reason to be Overly Guilty while eating this Sweet Treats because it Actually gives us a Health Advantage!

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