Product Review: Human Nature Soothing Balm

 Being a Working Mom, Mother of 2 and a Wife is a very challenging Task, though I have my Mother in Law who's always there to help me taking care of my children while I'm away, at the end of the day all I wanted is to Relax and Hit the sack to replenish my energy from everyday errands...

Good Thing I came across with this Balm from Human Nature, named "Human Nature Soothing Balm" I get Intrigued by it but when I checked it's product description, I decided to give it a Try and I'm glad I did! even my Hubby Liked it!

Human Nature, the Skincare Brand from the Philippines claims that it's 100% Natural - Infused with
mixes of Eucalyptus and Bergamot scent, To help me sleep, I apply a little amount on my temples, my nape and a little dab on my nostrils and after 5 mins. I easily slept! I Love it!!!


- 100% made from Natural Ingredients
- I got the big packaging (45 g) will last for 2 to 3 months depends on use
- the scent is very relaxing ;)
- not too stingy unlike other balms, just be sure to avoid your area during application.


- a bit pricey for me :) it cost P295.00
- has short shelf life, so be sure to consume it before it expires

If you want to relax after work, this is for you! You can get this at Human Nature Branches or Visit
Human Nature FB Page for Inquiries.

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