Let's Go Shopping at Baclaran!

   Filipinos Loves Thrift shops because we love to save more Money, I Myself is always looking for the best deals and Promos and Bargains every now and then (it's my trademark hehe) So Last January (New Year's Day) Me and my Family go Shopping in one of the Place that Many Filipinos frequently visited over and over again... The Baclaran! aside from the Famous Divisoria, Baclaran has a lot of Best Deals perfect for Businessmen, Wholesalers, and Budget Driven Individuals, Those who are living in nearby areas such as Pasay, Las Piñas, Parañaque may find Baclaran as their Friendly Shopping Place.

Baclaran Thrift Market is located in the City of Parañaque near the famous Baclaran Church.

So Let's scout what you can find in it: (Sorry for the blurry photos, it's all that i retrieved when i accidentally erased the photos from my phone) 

Lots of Cutains!

Slippers and Cheap Flat shoes!

Hair Accessories!

Home Dusters for Women...

Customed maid Gowns...

Clothes for young and adult...

and other merchandize...

and of course the Religious stuffs since The Baclaran church is just around...

We managed to get a lot of items for an affordable price, worth shopping indeed!

I didn't have the energy to take photos of all the Items that you can check at Baclaran, but definitely you can get the best deals if you are really patient asking for "tawad" from the sellers hehe. but of course you can...there are lots of Merchandize there that you can get a lower price. I suggest that you come early when it's not yet really hot and you can avoid the crowded hours in the afternoon.

Have you experience shopping at Baclaran? Tell me your Thoughts! Comment it Below ;)

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