7 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Amazing In Photographs - Guest Post by Sania

We all want to look amazing and stunning in pictures, because obviously they are the
cornerstone of our precious memories. Be it your homecoming our farewell, we know that
you want to look gorgeous in the photographs too.

So, here are the ultimate seven makeup tips that will make you look amazing even in

Skip the SPF:

Most of the women, when going out for day parties, with sensitive skin apply SPF before
heading out. But, when you have the goal of taking good pictures too, skip applying any sort
of sunscreen. It makes you appear washed out in certain circumstances, during

Match The Foundation:

No matter how fair and lovely you want to look, choose a foundation that is exact shade as
your skin. It should match both your face and the neck. In case your neck is darker, go with
the foundation that matches the darker tone. The shade difference might not seem like a big
deal in person, but if it is mismatched during photography, it can definitely wreak havoc.

Conceal Properly:

You might consider concealing a hassle in your daily makeup routine, but photography can
emphasize the colour issues and dark circles. If you have to go in front of a camera, stick
with a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. In order to even out your
skin colour before makeup, apply tomato paste that is a soothing mask for great skin.


Contouring is not an everyday thing, but when facing the camera it becomes important. It
can emphasize your features in the photograph, making you a standout when compared to
other people. Dust a contour shade or powder bronzer around your forehead and below
your cheekbones and blend properly. It adds life to your face, making your face appear
slimmer and three-dimensional.

Highlighting Is A Must:

Once you are done contouring your face, giving it sharp angles, do apply a highlighter
properly. Take a shimmery shade and dust it onto the bridge of your nose and the high
points of your cheeks. The highlighter will accentuate your overall appearance and will
beautify your main features while smiling for a photograph.

Touch Up With Translucent Powder:

You don’t want your makeup to melt during the middle of your parties or with the hotness
of flashes. Because, the whole point here is not to ruin your pictures and to look stunning
while posing for them. Set areas which can get oily, around your T-zone, with a translucent
powder. Use a powder that won’t give you a caked-on look and won’t make you look
washed out.

Blend The Mattes’:

Your blush, bronzer, foundation and powder should have no shimmer. These products can
make you look oily in the photographs, plus matte products blend easily too. The matte
products are famous for giving a flawless look while actually giving a natural appearance.
This is all you want to make your pictures not only beautiful but extremely enchanting too.

Author bio:
Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare
remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her
love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.

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