Product Review: Megan Firming Nose Pore Strips Review

  Hey February! Time is running as fast now and I need to review this Must try Product, it is called "Megan Firming Nose Pore Strips" I'm a Fan of Nose Pore Strips Product in any brand as long that it will do it's main Job - the removal of those pesky Blackheads and Whiteheads in my Nose! I have a super Oily skin that's why every 2 to 3 weeks, I need to do this "Blackhead Removal" routine to clean my skin around the Nose area and I'm so Glad I found this Product! (I Think it has two variants, I got this Pink Stuff, I forgot the other one.)

It's Far better than the other Brands that I tried, because some of them are not that really effective in the removal of the Blackheads so sad I wasted my Money in them! Just a Tip for this to work Effectively: You had to make sure that your skin around your Nose Area is Really Wet so that the strip would adhere better! and then wait for 10 to 15 minutes before you remove the strip.

So What are the Pros?

- it has a nice smell like a Rose
- effective in removal of the blackheads
- easy to use
- available in the leading Department Store/Beauty Stores.
- Pore Refining

The Cons

- May seem to be expensive at only 4 strips at P49.00, but for me it's OK.

Overall Rating; 9/10!

I definitely buy another again after I finish the pack, I Love it! Have you tried these one? Let me Know your Thoughts!

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