How To - Cute Sunflower Nail Art

 I Discovered Doing Nail Art 2 Years ago and now I'm Hooked! I admit that i am not an expert doing this craft but i love it because it brightens up my day, it may not suit my Age but Hey, I like to express my "Inner" Art Talent haha, the only Complain that i can say is that it's very meticulous to do and for a Lazy one like me, It's a Challenge! if i had enough time, I like to change my Nail Design every week just for Fun, and for Now I'll be Sharing you How i did my Sunflower Nail Art Design;)

Here it Goes...

Step 1

start off with a base coat. It will protect your nails from staining and help the nail polish to adhere better

Step 2

Paint your nails with a base color. (here I used a light blue shimmery color)

Step 3

Start your nail art by painting a circle with a dark brown. It doesn't have to be perfectly round. 

Step 4

Add in a lighter brown as an accent.  

Step 5

 Add light flicks with some yellow. (I'm using a yellow acrylic paint here.) 

and... Voila!

Try this Nail Design too and get Compliments from your Friends!

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  1. Nail art is nice, I really like this nail design

  2. This nail design looks great. Where did you get this idea? I want to do yellow nails too and recently found this Yellow nail designs. I think it would be looking good this summer.

    1. Thank you Candy for liking this Nail design, I got the Idea from Youtube Tutorial Videos;)