How to Create a Half-Up Twist Hairstyle - Guest Post by Miranda Hicks

  I must admit that I’m a fashion freak and love to experiment with different looks and need to mention that my personal favorite is the half-up twist hairstyle that is remarkably stylish and yet incredibly simple. So, I always make sure to flaunt the half up twist hairstyle on occasions to look my best and here I’m with my tutorial for creating the half up twist hairstyle for all those  women who wish to look fabulous.


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How to Create a Half-Up Twist Hairstyle

It is often seen that women get fussy about their hair as they need to look cool by experimenting with different hairdos and still keeping up with their styling priorities. In such a scenario they need to resort to hairdos that are easy to do and add the classy touch to their looks. I’m happy to admit that half up twist hairstyle fits the bill perfectly. So, let’s take a quick look at this step by step guide for creating a half up twist hairstyle.

Step I - Involves Teasing up your Hair

When you are inclined to dress up for an occasion and needs a quick hairdo to match up with your dress, then unquestionably the half up twist hairstyle will do the job for you.
You need to begin with taking up the section of hair on your crown area and start teasing it till you get the required bounce in the hair. Now use a wide toothed comb that efficiently covers up the teased area and give it an attractive look and you need to bring the front section of your hair over the teased up area and tie up the hair with bobby pins.

Step 2 - Get Ready to Make the Striking Twists

In the next step, you need to get the small section of your hair from the front side and start twisting it going towards the back side of hair and neatly pin up this section of hair with as many numbers of pins you like. Then repeat the same process for the other side of hair, twist it up and pin it over the teased area and secure the hair with pins. But it is relevant to take care of the fact that the twisted hair from both sides should be pinned in such a manner that it provides a graceful look to the whole teased up area and make it appear well organized and stylish.


So, girls if you need to dress for a special occasion and you run out of time to go to the salon, you must try out the half up twist hair to look amazingly beautiful and stylish. Get ready to receive several compliments for dressing up so elegantly and that too by spending less than five `minutes to flaunt the glamorous looks. Good luck!

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