It's School Time Again!

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   Hey all Parents! vacation is over, This time of the year came again, I bet you already bought your Kids School Supplies,  uniforms and other school stash, The kids may feel the Excitement, nervousness or whatnot, I remember when I was still a Student, where I am so excited having a new school Stuffs, books, meeting new classmate friends, new Teachers. but to be honest I was lacking confidence to myself during my School days and So I always Worry about my least fave subjects, getting a lower grades, Ugh I'm really such a Negative person back in School days, But as time passes by, I get to realize the Importance of having an Optimistic Attitude in all of your Aspects of Life and Being A Hardworking person too, So to Avoid that Experience to Happen again to My Kids and to yours as well, I am Sharing my Personal Tips for Guiding your Children this School Days to Make the School year Worthy All Year Round!

So  Here it is:

1. Set Aside Time for Studying and Play - This will allow your children to Learn Time Management Skills, Playtime or other Activities must be done only if they had already finished doing their School work.

2. Do not let them Use the PC's  or Mobile Phones for browsing Social Network site or Youtube Videos, UNLESS they are Researching for a School Report, Using these Technologies during school days may be so distracting for them.

3. No Playing of Addicting Games - "Enough Said"

4. Minimize The Use of Television - "Enough Said Too!"

5. Feed them a Nourishing and Healthy Snacks/ Foods/Vitamins - Obviously they need this, give them foods that are good for the memory and will give them energy to face everday school activities. Nutritious Vitamins are a Must too!

6. Give Them Rewards - Say for sample, they got a High grades on a Particular subject or their Teacher praised them for a good deed, A Little Token would mean a lot because it will motivate them to do more of their best. A token need not to be an expensive thing, just a simple and meaningful one will do.

7. Do not let them Sleep too Late! - Especially when they Have a Morning school time, sleeping late could be a disaster to both of the Parents and Child as well, When it's Bedtime, It's Really is. Give them a Warm glass of Milk if they have difficulty sleeping.

8. Motivate your Child Everyday - There's No other Person can do this, Except you, The Parents!
because there would be a Time when they are struggling with their school work and you have to bring out the best in them.

9. Give Them Advices -  Share some Tips and encouragements that will make Studying a lesson More easier for them, it will help them a Lot!

10. Teach them to be Independent - Do not make their Assignments and School projects all by Yourself! You have to let them Participate, and your Task is to guide them effectively.

So That't it,  have I Missed something? Can you share Your Best Tips too during School time?

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