BDJ Event 2016 #Riseabovethewaves

 Hey There! I'm always on the look out for BDJ events like what I've Attended last October 2016, It's the 2016 8th BDJ Fair  #Riseabovethewaves held at Mall of Asia, I Pre-Register and paid P200 to avail of the VIP Pass, because I wanted to attend their Seminar Talk.

Having a VIP Pass includes the Perks of:

  • 2 talks of your choice
  • BDJ Fair Special Activites
  • BDJ Planner Customization

The List of Seminar Topics are: 

  • 1:00  PM     Pushing Yourself Further 
  • 2:05  PM     Empowering Yourself to Succeed 
  • 3:10  PM     Spreading Hope a Bottle at a Time
  • 4:15  PM     Embracing a Flawless Beauty
  • 5:20  PM     Inspiring Happiness Within
  • 6:25  PM     Heading Out and Making an Impact

For these list, I Chose the Embracing a Flawless Beauty by Maxene Magalona and 
Inspiring Happiness Within by Kate Alvarez - I Felt Motivated after hearing stories shared by these two Women, they had Inspired and made women to feel good about themselves because nobody is Perfect, and for those women who is suffering from a Depression, Kate Alvarez Talk is a must hear! 

Here's the Snapshots from These event!

At the Registration Area...

Vedette Station

Photobooth for Bellas!

Serenitea Station

Red Mango Booth..

Bungee Jumping!

Celeteque Station

Maxene Magalona Sharing her Talk

Program guide..

Kate Alvarez sharing her story..

Some Depression Info..

Lucky I won this Goldilocks Goodies at the Raffle! 
My Photobooth Souvenir..

One of the Perks of Attending a BDJ Event.... Freebies!!!

Having Attended this event, I am Fulfilled hearing the Stories of the Ladies and having to mingle with new Bellas! I am looking forward for more! Kudos BDJ Box! 

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