How to Save Money for Year 2017

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Financial Literacy is must for all people, if we encounter any Financial problems we always reach whatever what we have on our savings and pockets, but what if we didn't have money as much as we need for particular situation? surely you will blame yourself for not saving enough for emergency needs that you experience, The Answer for that? SAVING MONEY.

New Year is always A Fresh new Start for everyone, Try to make a Plan how you can save a portion of your hard earned money and Stop worrying in the future!

Here are my Tried & Tested Tips:

1. Open a Savings Bank Account - you can choose if you want to have a Passbook or just an ATM card, for me it doesn't matter as long as i have a savings account that i can save my Money on (you can make your own record if you want) just inquire to your preferred Bank. Savings account is a must for the safekeeping of your Cash because you don't want to leave your Money inside your house for some unexpected reasons ;)

2. Set Aside a Portion of your salary every Payday - Let's say 10 or 20% Percent exclude your Utility bills and Allowance and save it to your Bank Account.

3. Stop Impulsive buying - This is the hardest part haha! - before you make a Purchase, ask yourself first if you really need it immediately, if its not, Do not buy it! - you'll just end up stocking for unnecessary items.

4. Pack foods as your "Baon" if you are Working or Still studying - You will save a Lot than ordering expensive Meals at Restaurant or Fastfood chains. but if you have no time preparing foods Just be wise in choosing your healthy but affordable Meals.

5. Walk instead of Riding a Vehicle - if you're destination is just a block away or very near, you might want to consider this, You'll not just save bucks and gasoline, but you also burns your excess calories as well.

6. Weekly Savings - if you can, set aside a savings of 10 pesos to 50 pesos weekly or much higher depends on your budget, if you calculate it you can save as much as P1,000 to 2,000 ++++ a Year!

7. Take good care of your Health - Health is wealth saying applies here, High Hospital bills is very draining, so it's much better to be healthy than sorry.

If you find these things very strict, then you may "Treat or Splurge once in a while but don't do it overboard, you may defeat the purpose of your savings.

There you Go, if you want to add up something to this list, you may comment it below!


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