My GlamourBoxPH Haul

Hey Lovelies! Been very busy these past few weeks, That's why I haven't able to Post something for you for a while.. but before this month end, I wanted to share my little Haul from Glamourbox PH, I got this at a very affordable Price 2 Months ago. Glamour Box is a Beauty Shop site that offers Box Subscription that contains Deluxe Samples of Cosmetics or Skin Care Stuff, They also offer Other Beauty products for Consumers to shop for, it was my first Time to order at their website and I had a Smooth Transaction with them!

These are the Items that I Got:

What a Lovely Box Isn't it?

My GlamourboxPH Haul

Nippon Eyebrow Comb and Shaver Set

Ellana Lip Scrub

The Lipscrub looks like this..and so far I'm Loving it because I frequently had a chapped lips...

A Box full of BYS Cosmetics Goodies- I only got this for P800+ Including the Contour and Highlighting kit!

BYS Contour and Highlight Kit in Daring...

They Gave me a Pop Beauty Lipgloss freebie and a Thank you Note ;)

For All this Items I only shell out a Total of P1,500 + (with Free Shipping) from the Original Price of P3,000+! but I'm not sure if this Sale was still available because I think they had just a very Limited time for this and I was Glad I still availed it.

Overall, I'm Happy and Satisfied with my Order because I got a Great Deal, I Highly Recommend Glamourbox PH for Beauty and Makeup Junkies out There!

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