The New Philippines 2016

New Philippines? What do I mean? It has been a Month since President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte takeover as a New Leader of the Philippines and I must say that I am Impressed! Please set aside the Biased thing, because I voted for him last election day. I have nothing against other People who voted for their preferred Candidates because it's our Right to choose whoever we wanted and who think can improve the status of our Unruly Government.

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I Chose President Duterte because I am Curious how he had Lead his Constituents at Davao to be at Peace and a well disciplined City to live at, at the back of my Mind, I wanted to experience that as Well, His Simplicity, His Political views and Style of Leadership are the Factors why I Picked him as our New Country Leader.

and I wasn't disappointed! before his Oath taking Last June 30, several News has spread about Policemen Capturing the Non- Compliant citizens all around Metro Manila - the Alcohol Drinkers, Those Pesky Males who are not wearing Shirts in the Streets, and to Those Minors who are not following the Specified Curfew hours for them. I think these Incidents served as a Warning to those "Pasaway" or Disobedient Persons to make a firm decision to change their lives for the better. and little by little, I am not surprised when Drug Pushers suddenly surrendered themselves to the Authorities - these News has been a consistent item on the Television for the Past month. Change is really Happening Indeed!

and for the New Update as of the First Week of August, The new Law has been passed, and I think you all knew it - The Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the end of the Labor Contractualization! These Positive Improvements will really help The Filipino People - it is really a Burden for Job Seekers when they cannot look for a decent Job because of the age limit thing or you always worry to look for another job over and over again because there is only a 5 Months Contract to the work you have Applied for. I'm Glad that it was put finally on end.

Thanks God! Brace yourself for the Next 6 years. Some of his Critics may not Agree but I'm Positively sure that Great Improvements are abound to happen But of Course, we have to Cooperate willfully and continually Pray for the Superb Leadership and Good Health for our New President. as the Quote goes ""A Leader takes people where they want to go. A great Leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." --Rosalynn Carter'

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