Summer Vacation: Beauty and Style (Guest Post by Peter Minkoff)

No matter what is your destination of choice when it comes to summer vacation, there are some essentials that are absolutely necessary wherever you go. If you are planning on your next trip, stay with us. Here is a list of beauty and style necessities for your holiday.

1. Be Careful When Packing!

Think everything through before you start packing, since that will save you a lot of time and money afterwards simply because you won’t have to pay airport taxes for too heavy suitcase. Come up with a day by day plan and stick to it – there is no need for bringing one shirt for each of ten days –eight of them will be just enough, right? Besides that, you should be careful while packing, and there are some useful techniques that will help you save some space. Items that are made of tougher materials, such as wool or cotton, can be rolled tightly and placed into your suitcase. Just make sure that they are stored appropriately, so they don’t wrinkle. On the other hand, delicate pieces such as collared shirts should be folded, because they are less likely to wrinkle that way. The combination of these two techniques is definitely the best.

2. Fashion Must-Haves

The culture of Spain will be extremely popular this summer, which means that ruffles, off-the- shoulder details, and gorgeous embroidery will be Fashionistas’ favourites in the upcoming months. Your summer vacation will be impossible without some of these elements, if not all, however, shoulder-baring tops will be particularly trendy. These go perfectly with colourful maxi skirts, and the rule says: the brighter the better! Gladiator leather sandals or wedge espadrilles are also a must, in combination with gorgeous jewellery that depicts those hot summer days in the best possible way.

3. Beauty Essentials

When it comes to your summer vacation beauty routine, less is definitely more. Feel free to ditch the foundation that will make your face look cakey, and go for a tinted moisturiser instead. You will kill two birds with one stone this way – your skin will still be hydrated, and all the irregularities will be covered at the same time. A lipstick in bright colour, such as orange or coral red, is a must. Also, don’t forget to bring lightweight body cream that will not make your skin feel oily and sticky all day long. Besides it, a gentle scrub is also highly-required, simply because it will get rid of dead skin cells that are piling up on its surface and make it look flaky and lifeless. New cells will be uncovered this way, which will contribute to rejuvenated look and help your skin tan much faster. Needless to say, bronzer should be an absolutely unavoidable part of your beauty routine during hot days.

4. Swimwear on Fleek

A central part of every girl’s summer vacation is certainly a perfect swimwear piece, so give your best and keep up with this summer’s trends. The overall look of Spanish señorita will be accomplished with fabulous bikini with ruffles in attractive shades of red and black. One-pieces have made a huge 
comeback last year and they are big today, too, so you can always pick the one with cutouts that will accentuate your curves in the best possible way. Don’t forget trendy fringed kimono, stunning flip flops, large floppy hat, and huge beach bag – and you are good to go!

5. Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Good sunscreen is highly-required on your summer vacation, particularly because it will protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Besides that, that is one of the easiest ways of maintaining youthful look of your skin, because sunscreen prevents premature aging, degradation of its texture, and even skin
cancer. Choose products with SPF 30 or higher, with both UVA and UVB protection, and use it on a daily basis while on vacation. This is a very important step towards healthy and radiant look.

Having in mind all the aforementioned tips, we hope that you will manage packing like a pro for your upcoming summer vacation. Just make sure that you don’t overpack, because that is really unnecessary – planning on your daily outfits is the key to success. Be wise and travel classy!

Thank you for sending your Article Peter!

Peter is a lifestyle writer for HighStyleLife magazine in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a fashion stylist and also as a freelance writer for few local magazines in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. His future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips. Follow Peter on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. With approaching summers and rising temperatures, the one thing that still keeps the excitement live is the break from summers and experiencing a relaxed outing with friends or family.