My Summer Survival Essentials!

  Oh Summer Season! The Time when you are actually enjoying the Splash of the Beach, Donning of Comfy and Fresh Outfits and Making most of the Time of the Kids's Vacation, It's Actually a Fun Month of the Year BUT boy oh Boy, This is Also the Time when you're Going to experience the Scorching Heat and Damaging Effects of The Sun!

Here in The Philippines, Summer Months Start at March and normally ends in May. Listed as One of the Tropical Countries in the World, Temperatures can Rise as High as 35 Degrees (Imagine How Humid is that!) We have Different ways to Beat the Bad Effects of Summer, So How Do I Survive the
Heat of Summer?

I'm Sharing Here my List of Summer Survival Essentials:

1. Drink More Water, Water, Water! - Most Important and Natural to Humans Drinking Cold Refreshing Water is our Quickest Defense for Humid Weather!-It Lessens the Headaches and Weakness that we Felt during these Months.

2. Use Sunblock for Face and Body (with SPF 30 or Higher) - Harmful Sun Rays May Cause Damaging Effects on Skin, So Don't Forget to Use Sunblock for Face and Body (Here I'm Using Aloe Heat Sunspray, Aloe Lips Lipbalm and Aloe Gelly- Perfect for Summer!).

3. Bring Umbrella - My Bestfriend Outdoors! Much Better if you are using a UV Protected One.

4. Always Bring a Fan - I Never Leave Home without this;)

5. Eat Nutritious Summer Fruits - Watermelons, Orange Melon You Name it! this Fruits are Perfect for Summer because it has water Content while Keeping you Fresh and Healthy.

6. Wear Comfortable and Fresh Clothes, Hat and Eyewear - Wear Loose Fitting Clothes, Flowy Garments for Extra Comfort during this season.

7. Use Personal Grooming Products - Cleansing Wipes, Toiletries, Deodorant, Cologne, Sanitizers & Extra Towels - No One Likes to Smell Stinky in a Hot Weather!, I Always put a Thick Towel at my Back to Absorb Perspiration.

8. Insect-Repellant Lotion - During Hot Days, Pesky Mosquitoes are also active, avoid Dengue Carrying Mosqutioes by Applying Skin Friendly Skin Repellants especially when going outdoors or before hitting the sack.

9. Avoiding Sun Exposure - Remember to Avoid Going Outdoors if you can during this Hours- 10am to 3pm where the Sun Rays is at its Strongest.

10. Taking Frequent Quick Baths (2 Times a Day Would be enough, Best done before Sleeping!) - Instant Refresher, especially if you live in a Crowded and Humid Areas.

So There it is! Do we have the Same Survival Ways During Summer?
Comment Down Below, I would Love to Hear your Thoughts!

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