Kid's Field Trip at Ocean's Adventure and Dinosaur's Island

  I Love Kid's School Field Trip because I find it really fun and also serves as a Bonding for me and my Kids. Last January 21, I was finally able to attend the field trip of my kids and took a Notification Leave at my work., The Destination was at Ocean Adventure- Subic Bay, Olongapo and Dinosaur's Island- Mabalacat, Pampanga . My Two Kids were really excited because My Son, Arquin was a fan of Dinosaurs and Nikki loves to travel and wants to see a new scenery.

   It was a 5 hours long Drive away from Las Piñas where we reside and We Left as Early as 4AM but it was not really an exhausting trip because the bus that the school rented was a comfortable one and we were able to sleep for awhile.

 For the First Stop, we arrive at Ocean's Adventure - The Scene was Refreshing because of the Ocean Blue Landscape, the Air was Fresh, Clean and Breezy and though it was noontime when we arrive there, we did not feel  Stinky Hot, I Love the Weather! and then the Tour Guide started to Guide us Around the spacious area of the Park...

Here are The Photos:

The Velasco Brothers doing their Stunts! (Pls. Do not try this at home!)

The Sea Lion Show

The Amazing Dolphins

The Three of us;)

Relaxing around...

  We Got to enjoy the Ocean Discovery Aquarium, Dolphin Tales how, Wild World show, The Velasco Family Stunts, and the Sea Lion Show which is really amazing! The Students are Really entertained and Educated at the same time Knowing the Value of a Clean Environment and Caring for the Wildlife Animals.

 For The Second Stop, We Visited the Dinosaur's Island, I think it was a 1 hour away drive from Ocean's Adventure and Whoah! I was amazed upon seeing the Main entrance Gate, I felt that i am at the Scene of the Jurassic Park Movie hehe... My Son though Kinda Sleepy and Grumpy at that moment..changed his mood to excitement because he knew he will get to see surprising stuff inside...

and Jaraan....! Lots of Life Sized Dinosaurs!

Amazing Roaring Dinosaurs!

This Dance Presentation made me Laugh so Much ;)  

 I Felt like a Little Kid again Once More! There are Many Dinosaurs Species that you can Imagine...You will Gonna Experience a Dino Train Ride wherein The Aggressive Dinosaurs will gonna Chase and Horrify you! Yay!!!, and a Dinosaur Presentation Dance with the Help of Mascot Man of Course ;) 

  Obviously, The Kids Enjoyed the Trip and Educated them, and So Do I! it was Absolutely One of My Unforgettable Bonding Moments with My Daughter and Son;)

How about you? Did you Get to Check this Places Already?
Comment Down Below and I would Love to Hear your Experiences!

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