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   I'm a Big Fan when it comes to Shopping Online, because I Find it Really Cool and I get to avail affordable deals and Promotions minus the Traffic and Stress when I do it in the Malls and Supermarkets. Online Shopping is really Popular Right now and Some of Online Stores Like Lazada offers a Cash on Delivery Payment Options for Those who do not have Credit Cards which make it more convenient for Online Shoppers.

   I found out about a website that offers Cashback called Shopback. Checked it's website and Upon Reading the Information How it works, it Looks Like Shoppers can use Shopback as a portal to discover new online stores and get Cashback and Discount Codes from these stores. features Numerous Online Stores Ranging from Beauty, Fashion and etc. to cater Shopper's Preferences. They also have a page with all the Top Online Shops. They Split their Commision they get from Merchant Stores and Shares it with The Consumers (Whoah, that's very interesting to hear!) which is how they pay you to shop!

Here's How it Works:

 Sign in First and Make your Account at - A Verification email will be sent to you and you have to confirm it to Officially use their Website.

Now, you'll see a list of Verified Merchant stores like Lazada, Aliexpress, Agoda, Luxola etc.

You just simply click your preferred Online stores shop as per normal.

After making your purchase, cashback would be awarded to your ShopBack account, which can be cashed out to your Bank account or PayPal. (You can request for payment or cash out at any time with redeemable cashback of PHP300.00)


Just a Few Reminders to ensure successful cashback:

1. Do not click on coupon websites 
2. Only use coupons that provides 
3. Use the same device throughout (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) 
4. Enable cookies on your device

Currently, They have a Refer a Friend Promo wherein you can give P100 to your Friend who will successfully sign up and and you will also earn P100  when your friend meets a minimum spend of P500 and when their cashback turn redeemable. Isn't that cool? they have a Pretty Long List of Merchant stores and you can get an extra savings, Best Deals and Discounts as well. I frequently shop at Lazada and Zalora  (I Should have Known it really before!) and Now I'm excited to Try Shopback!

For More Informations Browse through their FAQ Page.

Follow Their Social Media Pages:

Facebook: Shopback PH
Instagram: Shopbackph
Twitter: Shopbackph

Have a Great Fun and Get Cash Rewards with!

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  1. I love cash rebate, that is why I always use my credit card in any purchases. Shopback is also nice because you can save more while shopping.

  2. I haven been reading good feedbacks about Shopback and its really good that you got your money back when you do your shopping online. I must reserve this on my next shopping spree hehe.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

    1. enjoy your shopping with shopback mhaan!

  3. That's pretty awesome! It definitely brings online shopping to a whole new level! Love the concept.

  4. I haven't heard of Shopback, for real it's my first time to encounter such. I'll check their website later. Thanks for the info!

  5. This is something interesting. Will consider this on my next online shopping

  6. Oh wow! I do a lot of online shopping but not on those websites. still, it's worth checking out. Thanks for sharing this info, anything that allows us to save money while we spend is always welcome!

  7. Ever since I have known Shopback, I make sure I do online shop thru their site. The rebate is really big but you have to wait talaga to redeem :)

  8. I also cashback sites on my online shopping. Its fun and great way to save money. Thanks for sharing this site Sis :)

  9. Will surely check Shopback . Haven't tried online shopping yet.

  10. I already have like P700+ in my Shopback account some are already redeemable some are not pa. Iniipon ko muna until maka 1000 before I redeem. hehe